Expert Councils with Control Council of Settlement (CCS) are established for review and elaboration of recommendations on important issues that require participation of specialists in specific areas (technologies). Since 1997 the following Expert Councils have been established:

  • Expert Council on Reservation Systems (1997)
  • Expert Council on Informatization and Communication (1998)
  • Expert Council on Cargo Accounting Settlement System (2004)
  • Expert Council on Tariff System (2005)

Each Expert Council acts in accordance with a proper Provision adopted by CCS and endorsed by  CCS Chairman.

For example, Expert Council on Tariff System (ECTS) supports CCS for the matters of development and implementation of tariff system for the benefit of airlines of Russia and CIS countries. ECTS was established by CCS Resolution # 114 of October 19, 2005.

ECTS activities are governed by the RF Constitution, the RF Air Code, other laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, and CCS Resolutions.

TCH provides organizational, informational, technical and financial support for ECTS.

ECTS is comprised of representatives from airlines and passenger agencies, designers of tariff system and computerized reservation systems.

ECTS membership (size  and persons) is determined and approved by CCS Chairman.

ECTS is administered by Chairman elected from its members by a majority vote at the ECTS meeting.

Nominees for ECTS Chairman and Secretary are proposed by CCS Chairman.

ECTS meetings are convoked, as deems necessary, by initiative of ECTS Chairman or any of its members or  as instructed by CCS Committees/Chairman.