Airlines (Carriers) that signed Model Agreements on Sale and Settlement of Air Transportation and Services Issued on ATSS Electronic Tickets with TCH.

The Airline must be duly registered as a carrying airline pursuant to the laws of its country if registration; must have a valid Air Operator's Certificate and operate scheduled passenger flights.

Accredited Agencies that signed Model Agreements for Transportation and Services Sale with TCH.

Accredited Agency is an ATSS accredited legal entity or individual entrepreneur who sells transportation and ancillary services on the ATSS electronic tickets/electronic documents.

TCH is both the participant and the executive control body of the Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS).

Acting as an ATSS participant, TCH enters into model agreements with other participants (airlines and accredited agents) and other contracts and agreements essential for the ATSS key activities as shown in the Provision on Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS), Section 3 ("Basic Functions").

Provision on Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS)

As on the 1st of August 2022, the Air Transport Settlement System counts:

  • 79 scheduled airlines
  • 707 accredited agencies providing passenger services sales
  • 3,142 accredited sales locations and 374 Internet points of sale
  • 25,938 sales agents
  • 17,539 terminals of accredited airline reservation system
  • accredited educational centers
  • accredited training centers
  • 5 reservation systems certified/accredited in ATSS: 
    • ADS Sirena-Travel
    • GDS MixVel
    • GDS Amadeus
    • GDS Sabre
    • GDS Galileo 

Air Transport Settlement System ensures

  • full and complete revenue remittance to participating airlines
  • online professional training and testing of accredited agencies staff