In ATSS claims are handled through TCH Connect.

To access TCH Connect, an agency is required to send relevant request to TCH.

Airlines develop ADMs on the basis of published carrier ADM policy or if no ADM policy is published – on the basis of Standard ADM policy.

Providers develop ADMs in case of discrepancies in sales results  on ATSS stock provided by TCH and provider sales data.

ADMs/ACMs matching global standard administrative ADM/ACM forms are used.

In the framework of claims handling, TCH Connect provides the below interactive options:

  • Publication and storage of ADM policies;
  • Entering of claims or upload of claims from the software of carrier or accredited agency;
  • Registration of incoming claims;
  • Automated circulation of airline claims among accredited agencies/providers;
  • Business correspondence with attached files;
  • Time control over carrier/provider claims without response (day counter);
  • Status display of any claim raised or received by an ATSS member/partner; and
  • Claim statistics.

Agency and TCH may independently produce a request for adjustment when errors are found in issued traffic documents or in the operation of TCH/CRS automated systems, or provider system. When carrier ADM policy forbids accredited agencies to develop adjustment requests in case of errors found in issued traffic documents, agency may send a request for ADM issuance to carrier, via TCH Connect.

ADM/ACM can be issued in Rubles, Dollars or Euro, as follows:

  • Claim specific to a traffic document should be issued in the currency used in the report for this traffic document;
  • Claim not specific to a traffic document should be issued in Rubles.

Acknowledged claims will be automatically incorporated into reports for agents, airlines and providers and accounted for at the time of financial settlement.

The procedure, timelines for handling and settlement per acknowledged claims among ATSS participants/partners are stipulated by the "Provision on Claims Handling".

The below set of documents is essential for claims handling through ADM/ACM: