Procedure for implementation of payment against payment (bank) cards at IPOS for flights of airlines that forbid “PK” form of payment (PP PK Form of Payment)  

When issuing transportation for flights of airlines that forbid PK FOP, payment against bank cards on ATSS STD, FOP “PP is possible (with code PK)” – “PP PK”. The issuance of transportation for flights of such carriers against bank cards shall be made if agency pays for acquiring.

Since the use of PP PK FOP entails agency’s extra costs for bank card settlement and accounting services (cost thereof are set up in additional agreement PK/2016 to model agreement with an agency), agencies shall be granted rights to “PP PK” FOP upon separate requests with the reference to airline code.

How to connect FOP “PP PK” for IPOS with Sirena-Travel’s engine

Steps to link to PP PK:

  1. Sign with TCH an additional agreement No.PK/2016 to TCH-Agency Model Agreement. Contacts: Customer Relations & Contracts Department phone: + 7 (495) 788-12-23, E-mail:;
  2. Set (if necessary) relevant charges in GDS Sirena-Travel;
  3. Send a scanned APPLICATION drawn up on accredited agency’s letterhead to (copy to

If any step has been already taken, proceed to the next step.

How to connect FOP “PP PK” for IPOS with its own engine

To connect “PP PK” functionality you need to:

1. Determine the service fees amount to be collected from the clients under “PP PK” scheme (an agency, at its own discretion, shall determine its commercial policy, however, please mind that the issuance of services against bank cards for the flights of carriers who forbade FOP PK shall be made on agency’s account and in case of connecting PP PK – at fares set in additional agreement PK / 2016 or PK / 2017 to Agency - TCH Model Agreement). It is necessary as well to determine the agreements under which such payment will be carried out – via TCH or under Agency - Bank internet-acquiring direct agreement. Please remember that apart from the service fees, TCH may provide to Agency the possibility to pay by bank cards for other ancillary services – insurances, transfers (Aeroexpress) and etc.

2. In case where the service fees and ancillary services are paid via TCH, you have to request from Sirena-Travel GDS the settings for EMD issuance (service code 95) on TCH stock (unless such settings were made earlier for other purposes).

3. Adjust the reservation module for interaction with the Payment Gateway at the time of order registration for the subsequent issuance of transportation with FOP PP PK strictly as required by the Payment Gateway Protocol (submitted upon request). Mainly, such requirements relate to adequate transfer of a type of clearing for ticket issued – for PP PK the type of clearing is tch.

4. Provide the payment for the agency’s service fees and other ancillary services by bank cards. In case of the payment by cards for these services via TCH, the agency has two options to issue such payment:

  • 1st option: registration of charges in GDS Sirena-Travel and automated issuance on EMD via GDS. In this case you have to contact Sirena-Travel and make all necessary settings in GDS.
  • 2nd option: the support of charges in the reservation module and issuance of payment on EMD (code of service 95) via the Payment Gateway.

5. Where the 2nd option is selected – the support of charges in the reservation module – it’s necessary to ensure an adequate interaction with the Payment Gateway at the time of order registration therein strictly as required in the protocol.  The registration request must reflect all items of cart to be paid, especially, those for which EMD is to be issued. Each item is a block of parameters Items that must contain the details about provider (parameter host), type of clearing (for service fees and ancillary services – tchcard), type of service (parameter typename – possible values of such parameter are described in the Payment Gateway interaction protocol). 

It’s important to make sure that the above two options of arranging the issuance of the payment for service fees and ancillary services are not duplicated, because in this case a service will be documented two times entailing double payments at the time of TCH settlement with agency.

6. Send a scanned Extended Application drawn up on accredited agency’s letterhead using the form attached to this telegram and send it to This application must specify IPOS’s engine (name, version, and manufacturer) and the list of service fees and ancillary services to be paid by the agency via TCH using bank cards).

7. The required settings have to be activated in the reservation module for PP PK in coordination with TCH – not before TCH receive and handle the Application for FOP PP PK activation. The Application is handled, as a rule, within one business day upon its receipt by TCH.

If you have any questions regarding linking to this form of payment, please do not hesitate to contact our Plastic Card Department, phone +7 (495) 660-19-77, E-mail: