​​​​A unique system of arrangement for transportation sales against bank cards is effective within ATSS. The goal of this system is to enable accredited agencies to issue transportation on ATSS STDs, as well as other services paid by international payment systems cards, at the lowest costs. Moreover, in compliance with Model Agreement, TCH offers accredited agencies (and their sub-agents) a unique opportunity to issue transportation without bank card maintenance fee. 

Therewith, agency can opt for a payment opportunity for transportation/ancillary services either at POS (trade acquiring) or via IPOS (Internet acquiring) if it sells services in the Internet environment.   

Trade Acquiring
TCH technology facilitating transportation sales against bank cards at agency POS offers a number of advantages:

  1. Agency does not pay any additional fees for card maintenance as per the amounts in the tickets issued on ATSS STDs.
  2. Card authorization takes place at ticketing agent desktop via reservation terminals without the use of POS-terminals in banks (CRS-integrated solution).
  3. Bank card transactions are formalized in accordance with universal rules and unified reporting/settlement technology under special form of payment code – “PK”.
  4. There is an option to arrange payments against bank cards for agency service fees or other charges collected at the time of transportation issuance under Model Agreement signed with TCH.
  5. Claim handling process with payment systems is administered and monitored by TCH.

Summary of payment solution

How to connect service

Activation procedure for card payment in POS for flights of carriers forbidding FOP “PK” (INV PK payment)

Specifics of settlement/reporting

List of Payment Systems


Summary of Payment Solution

Currently, the main tool for bank cards authorization for POS (ticket windows) is a dedicated card authorization functionality enabled in reservation terminals of ADS Sirena-Travel equipped with card readers.

Through card readers, the cards by major international payment systems, i.e. Visa Electron, Mastercard Electronic, etc., can be accepted for payment. This payment solution enables to enter card data manually (card reader is unnecessary) or to use Card Not Present (CNP) option (customer service by virtue of authorization letters, phone, etc.). The latter method of card maintenance is recommended when payment is made by cards with embedded microchips.

Payment options based on Sirena-Travel terminals facilitates computerized calculation of authorization amount, automated entering of magnetic stripe card data and automated issuance of CCCF (Form С-98) on ticket printer, substantially mitigating agency staff error risks when servicing card holders.

Manual for card payment via ADS Sirena-Travel terminals using card readers is available at www.sirena-travel.ru.

Similarly, a number of international GDSs certified in ATSS (Galileo as an example) for transportation issuance on ATSS STDs also have a payment solution enabling card authorization. Card payment is made automatically in the framework of air ticketing on ATSS STD provided that agent enters PK FOP tag and card details in the system. Attention: This is valid only for terminals with said functionality registered in TCH.

How to Connect Service

To arrange transportation sales by bank cards on ATSS STDs, an accredited agency is required to:

  1. Send a request in the prescribed form to TCH for agency terminal registration in TCH card authorization system.
  2. Sign with TCH Additional Agreement PC/2017 to Model Agreement (for agencies intending to pay agency service fees against bank cards via TCH).
  3. Procure pricing of agency service fees via ADS Sirena-Travel by duly registering relevant service fees in ADS (for agencies bound by Additional Agreement PC/2017).
  4. Order required number of CCCFs (Form C-98) in TCH Quotas & Ticket Forms Department.
  5. Read through the essential regulatory/technological documents, i.e. Agent Manual for Transportation Sales against Plastic Cards, relevant sections of ATSS Standard Traffic Documents Ticketing Handbook, as well as Sirena-Travel manuals.
  6. Place relevant stickers on ticketing windows with card logos accepted for payment of transportation issued on ATSS STDs/e-tickets, which can be ordered in TCH Plastic Card Department.

Activation procedure for card payment in POS for flights of carriers forbidding FOP PK (INV PK Payment)

  1. Order, obtain and install POS-terminals onto agent desktop for operations in ADS Sirena-Travel. Your questions are welcome at TCH Plastic Card Department, phone: +7 (495) 660-19-77, e-mail: agency_pos@tch.ru
  2. Sign with TCH Additional Agreement № PC/2015 to TCH-Agency Model Agreement. Contacts: TCH Customer Relations and Contracts Department, phone: + 7 (495) 788-12-23, e-mail: do@tch.ru  
  3. At the same time, send to TCH at info@tch.ru an application for activation of card payment on POS-terminals for flights of carriers forbidding PK FOP.
  4. Upon receipt from TCH of an e-mail message confirming that card payment function INV FOP (with code “PK”) was activated on POS-terminals, inform thereof agents and subagents.

If an agency has already passed any of the above steps, please proceed to next step.
Your questions as to this payment option activation are welcome at Plastic Card Department, phone +7 (495) 660-19-77, E-mail: agency_pos@tch.ru.

Specifics of Settlement/Reporting

Settlement between agency and TCH as per card transactions have the below specifics:

  1. Revenue benefited from transportation sales on ATSS STDs against bank cards comes to TCH account directly, i.e. bypassing agency settlement account. 
  2. Agent will deduct agency remuneration accrued in terms of transportation sales against bank cards from the total cash revenue benefited from sales on ATSS STDs as per relevant ten-day sales period.
  3. Moreover, agent will also deduct service fees paid against bank cards under Additional Agreement PC-AGENCY/12 from the total cash revenue benefited from sales on ATSS STDs as per relevant ten-day sales period.
  4. Every ten-day period, TCH will generate and email to agency sales results per ten-day reporting period based on database of TCH ETC and processed reports with audit coupons with due account for justified claims, including agency settlement reports on transportation issued with FOP PK and INV (with code PK) generated in RF Rubles.

List of Payment Systems

 Currently, TCH supports cards of the below payment systems:

  • VISA
  • VISA Electron (from terminals with card readers)
  • CIRRUS/MAESTRO, MASTERCARD Electronic (from terminals with card readers)
  • AMERICAN EXPRESS (voice authorization)
  • DINERS CLUB (voice authorization)
  • JCB
  • MIR (from terminals with card readers)


Your questions concerning transportation sales against bank cards are welcome at TCH Plastic Card Department:


          phone: +7 (495) 660-19-77, ​ E-mail: ORPK@tch.ru
          Head of Plastic Cards Department - Alexander Golovkin