In the ATSS the bank (payment) card sales are active. The purpose is to enable accredited agencies to sell carriages/ancillaries against credit cards of international payment systems on ATSS STDs with minimum expenses. According to Model Agreement, accredited agencies and their sub-agents have a unique opportunity to issue carriages without bank charges for card transactions.

This said, accredited agencies may accept bank (payment) cards in payment for transportation/ancillaries sales both at sales locations - POS (merchant acquiring) and at Internet points of sale - IPOS (Internet acquiring).

Merchant acquiring

Benefits for TCH technology of bank (payment) cards acceptance at offline points of sale:

  1. Agency does not pay any additional commissions for card acceptance from the amounts shown on the tickets issued on the ATSS STDs.
  2. Card authorization takes place at ticketing agent desktop via reservation terminals without POS-terminals of banks (ADS-integrated solution).
  3. Bank card transactions are formalized in accordance with universal rules and unified reporting/settlement technology under special form of payment code – “PK”.
  4. There is an option to arrange payments against bank cards for agency service fees or other charges to be collected when issuing carriages/services under TCH-Agency Model Agreement.
  5. TCH carries out and controls claim handling with payment systems.

About our Payment Solution

Rail tickets. Cards acceptance

How to connect

Activation procedure for card payment in POS for flights of carriers forbidding FOP “PK” (INV PK payment)

Specifics of settlement/reporting

List of Payment Systems


About our Payment Solution

Today, POS terminals are used at points of sale (ticketing agent's desk) as the main tool of authorisation of bank (payment) cards. The terminals are integrated with booking terminals of Sirena-Travel.

POS-terminals allow to accept all bank cards, such as VISA, Mastercard etc., including electronic cards of international payment systems.

The use of POS-terminals allows to automatically calculate an amount to be authorized, to automatically enter bank (payment) card information, to automatically select a form of payment (PK/ INVPK), to automatically print a sales receipt in A4 format, which helps to reduce the risk of human error when accepting payment from cardholders at offline sales locations.

The instructions for bank (payment) cards acceptance at POS-terminals via ADS Sirena-Travel's terminals is available on

Rail tickets. Cards acceptance

From November 1, 2017 accredited agencies may accept plastic (bank) cards in payment for rail tickets issued on TCH stock. In this case, the "INVPK" form of payment is applied (FOP INVPK). In order to use FOP INVPK, Agency needs to sign additional agreement to Agency-TCH Model Agreement.

Those agencies who use POS-terminals for air carriages sales and who have connected the "INVPK" form of payment, automatically may use their POS-terminals to accept payment for rail tickets. POS-terminal connection/activation procedure is the same both for air and rail ticket sales. 

How to connect

The Agency desiring to accept bank (payment) cards in payment for transportation sales issued on the Standard Traffic Documents of the ATSS has to:

1.    Place an order for, receive, and install POS-terminals on ticketing agent's desktop equipped with terminal of GDS Sirena-Travel. If you need any further information, please contact TCH Plastic Card Department at +7 (495) 660-19-77 or

2.    Apply to TCH in order to register agent's terminals with TCH's authorisation system for the "PK" form of payment.

3.    Sign additional agreement PK/2017 to TCH-Agency Model Agreement (for the agencies desiring to accept bank cards in payment for agency service fees via TCH).

4.    Register agency service fees in ADS (for the agencies who signed additional agreement PK/2017) in order to enable the pricing of agency service fees via ADS Sirena-Travel.

5.    Read and understand the normative and technological regulations: "Manual for Transportation Sales against Plastic Cards"; relevant provisions of the ATSS STD Ticketing Handbook, and Sirena-Travel's instructions.

6.    Read and understand the payment card acceptance rules. The special attention must be paid to the elements of card protection to verify card authentication. If you need any further information, please contact TCH Plastic Card Department at +7 (495) 660-19-77 or

7.    Display the stickers with logos of bank card being accepted on ticketing agents desks at sales locations. You may order the said stickers in our Plastic Cards department.

Activation procedure for card payment in POS for flights of carriers forbidding FOP PK (INV PK Payment)

  1. Order, obtain and install POS-terminals on ticketing agent's desktop for equipped with terminal of ADS Sirena-Travel. If you need any further information, please contact TCH Plastic Card Department at  +7 (495) 660-19-77 or
  2. Sign Additional Agreement PK/2017 to TCH-Agency Model Agreement. TCH Contracts Department: + 7 (495) 788-12-23 or
  3.  To send an Application to TCH at for activation of card payment at POS-terminals for flights of carriers forbidding the "PK" form of payment.
  4. Upon receipt of TCH's e-mail confirming that FOP INVPK is activated for POS-terminals, to communicate this information to your agents and subagents.

If you have already passed any of the above steps, please proceed to the next one. 
If you need any further information, please contact TCH Plastic Card Department at +7 (495) 660-19-77 or

Specifics of Settlement/Reporting between TCH and Agency

  1. Revenue benefited from transportation sales on ATSS STDs against bank cards shall be credited directly to TCH's account, i.e. bypassing agency's settlement account. 
  2. Agent will deduct agency remuneration for transportation sales against bank cards from the total cash revenue generated from sales on ATSS STDs as per relevant 10-day sales period.
  3.  Agent will also deduct agency service fees paid against bank cards sales under Additional Agreement PK-AGENCY/12 from the total cash revenue generated from sales on ATSS STDs as per relevant 10-day sales period.
  4. Every ten days, TCH will generate and email to agency the following information: sales report per 10-day reporting period based on the database of TCH Electronic Ticketing Center (ETC) and based on the processed reports with audit coupons with due account for authorised claims, including agency settlement reports on transportation issued with FOP PK and INVPK drawn up in RF Rubles.

List of accepted cards

 Currently, TCH supports cards of the below payment systems:

  • VISA, VISA Electron
  • MIR
  • Union Pay (for desktops equipped with POS-terminals)
  • AMERICAN EXPRESS BTA (to be approved with American Express Bank)
  • DINERS CLUB  (voice authorization)
  • JCB


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact TCH Plastic Card Department at +7 (495) 660-19-77 or​.