At the moment, as a part of that payment method, TCH offers to its partners to make use of payment services at Svyaznoy mobile shops, where clients can pay by cash in cashier counters and self-service terminals for the services they booked online on a website of the Agency.

Payment for services through mobile shops is easy and requires no special skills. A client just needs to book a transportation at a website (IPOS), select an respective payment method, receive 'a payment code' from the system and use that code in the nearest Svyaznoy mobile shop (the addresses of mobile shops and self-service terminals can be found on Svyasnoy's website). After depositing cash at a desk counter or into a self-service terminal at a mobile shop, an air ticket will be automatically issued and sent to the e-mail address entered by the client at the moment of booking.

That payment method will be available to the Agency after activation of TCH's Internet Payment Solution at an IPOS.

In this case, the Agency is not required to sign separate agreements with banks and processing companies, sales and settlement are arranged under contractual relationship with TCH. TCH service charge includes not only the settlement charge but all other additional costs, including processing charges.

How to activate the System

  1. File an accreditation application (or a letter requesting to expand the rights of already accredited) Internet point-of-sale (IPOS) with payment. In the 'Payment Tools' section, please select – Electronic methods of payment.
  2. Dress the shop-window of your Internet store in accordance with the requirements of Payment Acceptance Systems. Work out refund procedure in case when clients cancel transportation. Information and instructions are provided by Plastic Card Department at +7 (495) 660-19-77.

After making necessary settings in the payment gateway of the provider of TCH and Payment Acceptance Systems (it takes around 5-7 working days), TCH arranges a test payment to check how the system works. If the trial is successful, the system will be put into commercial operation.

In December 2016, TCH added the QIWI payment system to the list of payment systems.

The QIWI payment system was established in 2010. United System of Instant Payments (OSMP) is the owner of the QIWI brand. Today, QIWI is an all-purpose and convenient tool of payment for merchandises or any routine services (over 2 000 providers): payment for house utilities, Internet, IP-phones; with QIWI you can top mobile balance, pay for air and rail services, repay credits, make cell calls worldwide. Above all, QIWI users can transfer money to other users' accounts.

QIWI is a payment tool (QIWI-Wallet) accessible to clients via Internet or directly via a QIWI-terminal. Clients can use this tool directly at the time of booking and issuing theirs orders for air travel at the website of the Agency.


Should you have any questions about activation of Payments Acceptance Systems, please approach our Plastic Card Department at +7 (495) 660-19-77,