Accredited agency staff can take training in two ways.

In-house Staff Training


In-house training is provided by TCH education and training centres accredited in compliance with effective Accreditation Rules for Education and Training Centres. Relevant courses are given at classrooms by TCH certified teachers, in accordance with TCH approved programs.

Upon completion of training, successful ticketing agents and agency managers are awarded Certificates issued by education/training centre for relevant course.



Distance Staff Learning

Distance learning is performed via the Internet at TCH education portal Depending on the course, training can be provided in the accredited education/training centre or directly - at agency’s request sent to TCH (i.e. distance training). Training Certificates are only issued when training was arranged via relevant accredited education/training centre. Education centres provide distance training pursuant to the Rules for Online Distance Learning via Accredited Training Centres (ATC).

Distance training is provided at agency’s request sent to TCH pursuant to the Offer Contract on Distance Training and Testing.

Training Certificates Approved by TCH


Upon completion of training at an accredited education/training centre, successful students are awarded Certificates of Training for relevant course in the format prescribed by TCH.



Your questions concerning ATSS staff training are welcome at TCH Technology Department by phone +7 (495) 660-19-74, or E-mail: