In payment for transportation or ancillary services in Internet Points of Sale (IPOSs) against bank cards of international payment systems, TCH offers travel agents and sub-agents to use a fit-for-all payment solution based on the TCH Payment gateway (e-commerce). The gateway supports several forms of payment both with the use of bank cards and other forms.

TCH's Internet-based payment solution enables payment both for the air carriages issued on ATSS STDs and customer ancillary services - agency's service fee, insurance and airport transfer (Aeroexpress trains), air services booked outside TCH neutral session, etc. 

Benefits for TCH Internet Payment Solution

1. When issuing air carriages on ATSS STD, the form of payment "PK" is used for payment against bank cards. With FOP "PK", the Agency is not charged any card service fee in terms of carriage value (fare, airport and governmental charges (AGCs), and ZZ Charge);

2. The Agency does not need to separately contract with banks and processing companies. The organization of sale and settlement is contracted with TCH;

3. It is TCH that handles card claims from payment systems;

4. Configurable automated system of fraud risk assessment (fraud monitoring) and cardholder authentication (3D-Secure) are used to mitigate risk of fraud and pass it on to issuing banks;

5. The Agency get a convenient and comprehensive back-office system for payment gateway integrated in a reservation system that allows its user to control operations, manage payments, display details and quickly get payment reports;

6. Settlement on refunds with cardholders is made automatically and processed in payment systems on the next bank day following the day when the respective refund transaction is made in a reservation system. 

How to get connected

1. Apply for accreditation of your Internet point of sale (IPOS) or extension of accreditation rights with the FOP "PK";

2. Sign a Standard Additional Agreement Acquiring-Agency/12 to an existing Model Agreement TCH-Agency (and an Additional Agreement Bank Card-Internet-Agency/12 when agent's service fee or other charges are to be issued and paid via IPOS). Contacts: Contact our Contact Department at +7 (495) 788-12 23 or;

3. Receive from TCH a set of documents (questionnaires and applications), that are required to register your website in payment systems, and guidelines. Contacts: Contact our Plastic Cards Department, Denis Golubev, at +7 (495) 660-19-77 or;

4. Submit to TCH a list of Agency's employees to be provided with the access to back-office of payment gateway in order to display and manage payments;

5. Integrate website software with the TCH Payment gateway;

6. Develop a beta-website for testing with TCH;

7. Pay a one-time parameterization fee (registration of IPOS in payment systems) of 3,500 RUB (VAT inclusive) per IPOS.

When testing of IPOS is completed, TCH issues IPOS Qualification Certificate. If the agency shows successful testing results and the website meets all TCH's criteria established by Additional Agreement Acquiring-Agency/12, TCH puts the system of payment against bank cards in IPOS into operation. 

3D Secure

3D Secure technology is a part of global programs 'Verified by Visa by Visa International' and 'MasterCard SecureCode' by MasterCard Worldwide designed to ensure secure and reliable payment for merchandises and services on the Internet.

Globally, over 15 mln holders of Visa and MasterCard cards actively use 'Verified by Visa' and 'MasterCard SecureCode' when buying on the Internet. Today, over 40K Internet stores and 15K banks worldwide use 3D Secure technology.

3D Secure technology proved to be the most advanced payment security standard allowing fraud risks to zero because a cardholder is authenticated at the time of payment for purchase. This authentication takes place at a special server of the bank that issued this bank card (issuing bank). For authentication, cardholders need to enter login and password known only to them. Thus, standard bank card details (such as card number, expiry date etc.), which can be stolen by a fraudster, are insufficient to make payment on the Internet. Data transmission is secured by the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) 3.0. Data exchange is made via restricted-access networks that underwent a PCI DSS audit. Gathering, processing and storage of customer personal data (card details, login data, etc.) are carried out by processing centers that passed certification according to the PCI DSS standard. 


If you have any questions about Internet acquiring and payments for air services against bank cards, do not hesitate to contact the Plastic Cards Department at +7 (495) 660-19-77 or