​​​​​​Today, as part of this payment method TCH offers its partners to use ticket offices and self-service terminals at Euroset and Svyaznoy mobile shops, to make cash payments for services booked online on agency or airline website.

Payment for services through mobile shops is simple and requires no special skills. Customer just has to book transportation service at IPOS website, select the appropriate payment method, receive "payment code" from the system and use this code in the nearest Euroset or Svyaznoy mobile shop (addresses of mobile shops and self-service terminals can be found on Euroset and Svyasnoy websites). After making cash payment via mobile shop operator or self-service terminal, the ticket for air transportation will be automatically issued and sent to the e-mail, specified by the client at the moment of booking.

An agency or airline can use this payment method after activation of TCH Payment E-Commerce tool in IPOS.

For connecting the service of e-payments via electronic payment systems, agency is not required to sign agreement with each payment system. All you need is to conclude Additional Agreement to TCH Model Agreement stipulating  the order and terms of settling payments. Settling charge as well as other additional costs, e.g. processing charges are included in TCH service charge.

How to connect service

  1. Submit to TCH  Application in the form set forth in Attachment 4I to Agency Accreditation Rules for Passenger Sales on CCS-TCH STDs and E-tickets. Said application can be delivered either in the framework of accreditation procedure (or expansion of accreditation rights) of IPOS or otherwise, via e-mail at ORPK@tch.ru
  2. Sign Model Additional Agreement to TCH Model Agreement for relevant payment acceptance system. Contacts for details: TCH Customer Relations and Contracts Department, Phone: +7 (495) 788-12-10, E-mail: do@tch.ru​ .
  3. Ensure that the online retailer interface design satisfies the requirements of payment acceptance systems. Develop refund procedures in case of passenger flight cancellation. For manuals or other info, please contact TCH Plastic Cards Department. Phone: +7 (495) 660-19-77, ext. 117, E-mail: ORPK@tch.ru

Once necessary settings in payment gateway and payment acceptance systems are completed (estimated time - 5-7 business days), TCH will arrange testing payment. If the trial is  successful, the system will proceed to commercial operation.

 In December 2016 TCH added QIWI payment system to the list of payment systems.

QIWI payment system was established in 2010. United System of Instant Payments (OSMP) is the owner of QIWI brand. Today QIWI is a universal and convenient payment tool for goods or any everyday services of over 2,000 providers, e.g. payment for house utilities, Internet, IP-phones; via QIWI you can top mobile balance, pay for air and rail services, refund credits, make cell calls worldwide. Above all, QIWI users can transfer money to other users’ accounts.

QIWI is a payment tool (QIWI-Wallet) accessible via Internet or QIWI-terminal. The customer can use this tool book and issue travel at agency websites.


Your questions related to payment for transportation against payment cards are welcome at TCH Plastic Cards Department:​​ phone: +7 (495) 660-19-77, ​ E-mail: ORPK@tch.ru