​​​​Services on Aviation Statistics

​​In pursuance with effective rules, TCH provides services on provision of statistical data pertaining to civil aviation performance generated on the basis of official statistical reporting. Regulatory documents for arrangement of statistical monitoring, form of statistical reporting and indicators of civil aviation performance are available in «Guide for Air Tr​ansport Statistics» (in Russian).

TCH offers the following services on provision of statistical data approved for publication:

  1. Statistics for ATSS participating airlines.
  2. Key performance indicators of Russian airlines: statistics on volume of works and transportation for civil aviation, as a whole.
  3. Ranking of 35 Russian airlines: passenger turnover, tonne kilometers, freight turnover, passenger and freight/mail traffic.
  4. Ranking of 35 Russian airports: departed and arrived passengers, loaded and unloaded freight and mail.
  5. Ranking of transportation services between flight points: passenger, freight and mail traffic of Russian airlines between flight points (50 routes).
  6. Information digests in Russian language :
    • Information on air transport (2000-2015) and airlines of Russia (2014-2015) (content).
    • Information on transportation services through major airports of Russia per 2014-2015 (content).
    • Information on transportation services between flight points per 2014-2015 (content).

Information under items 2 - 6 is provided under Service Agreement (list of statistics).

Information under items 2-5 per past years and information under item 6 may be provided upon Application.

Subject to Agreement on provision of information services or Application, selected statistical data on  of airlines/airports performance, passenger, freight and mail transportation between flight points may be provided.

Republication and redistribution of statistical data purchased from TCH is prohibited. 
When reproducing data provided by TCH, PJSC in official, educational or scientific documentation or in mass media, references to TCH source are mandatorily.


On statistical data: phone/fax: +7 (495) 660-33-81, E-mail: otdsta@tch.ru

On access to information and conclusion of agreement: phone: +7(495) 660-19-73, E-mail: support@tch.ru