For the best interest of ATSS-participating carriers, TCH shall administer the rights of accredited agencies (points of sale, Internet points of sale, transaction self-service kiosks (POS, IPOS, TSSK)) to sell/refund air carriages on ATSS STDs under Settlement System Standard SSS No.105-2006 "Computerized Reservation Systems (CRS). Administration of Accredited Agencies' (POS's) Rights to Sell Carriages on ATSS STD Forms" and SSS No.EX105-2009 "Administration of Accredited Agencies' (POS's) Rights to Sell Air Carriages on ATSS STDs in Foreign CRSs".

In case of withdrawal of the Agency's (POS's) right to sell/refund air carriages on STDs, a CRS blocks the issuance (sale, exchange)/refund of tickets on STDs for that Agency (POS, IPOS or TSSK).

In order to enable sales in ATSS accredited CRSs/GDSs, the Airline activates the option of sale of air carriages on ATSS STDs.

The sale of air carriages on ATSS STDs is supported by CRSs/GDSs:

  • Sirena-Travel GDS
  • MixVel CRS
  • Galileo GDS
  • Sabre GDS
  • Amadeus GDS

For activation of the sale of air tickets for the Airline's flights on ATSS STDs in a CRS/GDS we need: an agreement signed between the Airline and the said CRS/GDS, positive results of testing, an instruction to the CRS/GDS for the activation of the ATSS stock and to TCH for the opening of sales rights.


Should you have any questions concerning administration of sales rights on ATSS STDs via CRSs, please approach the Head of TCH Reservation Systems Department Olga Smirnova at +7 (495) 788-12-13 (ext. 193) or E-mail: