Multilateral Agreement M2 is intended to the development of the regional route network.

In managing M2 Agreement, TCH constructs transfer routes and through fares and makes settlement of sold transportation in the best interest of the Airlines.

M2 benefits to the Airlines:

  • Access to new markets not being serviced by the Airline itself
  • Dealing with the markets access to which is limited by bilateral interstate treaties and legislation
  • Loyalty of individual and corporate clients due to extension of route network
  • Reliable marketing data on transfer passenger flow, perspectives of opening new routes and adding to existing frequencies 
  • Increasing competitiveness and presence on the air transport market
  • Revenue from carriage of interline passengers
  • In M2 it's easy to start cooperation for the Airlines of any business model
  • It is the Airline who defines the mode of interaction (it's possible to set a limit for the number of partners, directions, routes, flights under their cooperation)
  • Airline's flight segment is under its full commercial control with the possibility to sell ancillary services to passenger
  • Guaranteed payment of revenue within reporting period after sale of carriage
  • No risks of default of Airlines-partners and Agents
  • Minimum financial and labor costs for implementation and participation (TCH manages transfer routes and fares, and makes settlement)

For more information on Multilateral Agreement M2, please see M2 presentation.

Multilateral Agreement M2

Subscription list to Multilateral Agreement M2

Supporting documents:

1) Tariff Circular (TEMPLATE)
2) Annex 1 to Tariff Circular (TEMPLATE)
3) Tariff Circular for Cancellation (TEMPLATE)
4) Standard Fare Rules.



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