«M2-Closed Fare» Project was developed to enhance the efficiency of commercial cooperation among Airlines and Airports by virtue of connecting routes network via hub airport applying through fares and special service technologies for passengers and baggage.

To date, this project has been successfully implemented in Domodedovo, Koltsovo, Tolmachevo, Vnukovo and Yemelyanovo airports supported by major airlines. The project has proved to be successful and its underlying technology was appraised by ATSS participating airlines and agencies.

М2 participation brings a range of benefits for airlines and airports including:

  • Option to build a routing network and hub development;
  • Extra passengers for airline flights and for airport;
  • Guaranteed timely revenue settlement with airline;
  • No need to conclude and maintain interline agreements;
  • Simple connection options generated in GDS for airlines.

The below entities are participants of «M2-closed fare» Agreement (М2 Agreement):

  • Hub airport;
  • Airlines bound by TCH-Airline Model Agreement and operating their flights via hub airport;
  • TCH.

Airport operates as M2 Agreement administrator and is entitled to:

  • arrange transfer connections among Airlines;
  • create, register and upload in ADS Sirena-Travel through fares established by airlines bound by Agreement as well as standard Fare Application Rules (FARs);
  • publish in TCH Information System information on passenger through fares and data on fare prorate among Airlines operating on route sections by virtue of Administrator Desktop in TCH Connect;
  • ensure servicing of transfer passengers and baggage.

Participants of М2 Agreement will sign Multilateral Agreement «M2-closed fare» governing conditions for their interaction.

The below relation patterns between airlines and Administrator are possible:

Participating airline authorizes Administrator to create fares on its behalf or sends to Administrator an official letter setting forth the essential fare conditions containing segment fares and through fare practices.

When airlines negotiate fares independently, they send the list of through fares and information on each airline share therein. Moreover, airlines send to the Administrator data concerning FARs and agency remuneration.

Thereupon, the Administrator creates through fares, registers and uploads through fares in GDS and monitors information related to airline prorates used for settlement.

Through fares are registered and uploaded in ADS Sirena-Travel via TAR-LINE, a system for online fare data registration.

The procedure for connection to the Administrator's Desktop via TCH Connect - see here.

TCH settles sold transfer transportation with each participating airline on the basis of its proration in relevant fare. Settlement is made each ten-day period in pursuance of TCH-Airline Model Agreement and guaranteed in full. Sales reports are submitted to each airline and the Administrator.


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