The 'M2-Confidential Fare' Project is to improve the efficiency of business cooperation between the Airlines and Airports by making connections via hub airports with the use of through fares and technologies for passenger/baggage handling.

Today, this initiative is successfully implemented in Koltsovo, Tolmachevo, Vnukovo and Yemelyanovo airports with support of leading airlines. The Project proved to be effective and its underlying technology is highly appraised by the airlines and travel agents participating in the ATSS.

М2 benefits to airlines and airports:

  • Opportunity to build up a route network adapted to airport and to develop an airport hub;

  • Increase passenger flow to airlines and airports;

  • Guaranteed on-time settlement with airlines;

  • No interline agreements;

  • Simple way for airlines to make connections in a GDS.

The participants of 'M2-Confidential Fare' Agreement (М2 Agreement):

  • Hub airport;

  • Airlines who operate flights via a hub airport and signed a Model Agreement with TCH;

  • TCH.

The Airport acts as M2 Agreement Administrator and is empowered to:

  • Construct connections between airlines;

  • Construct, register, and upload carriers' through fares and standard fare rules into ADS Sirena-Travel;

  • Ensure passenger and baggage handling.

M2 participants have to sign Multilateral Agreement 'M2-Confidential Fare' regulating their relations.

Possible relations between the Airlines and the Administrator:

The participating Airlines authorize the Administrator to construct fares on their behalf or send formal Tariff Circular (information about through fare rules, sector fares) to the Administrator.

If airlines have approved and agreed fares on their own, they send a list of through fares, the information about applicable fare rules/agency remuneration to the Administrator.

Then, the Administrator shall construct through fares, register and upload them in a GDS .

To register and upload through fares in ADS Sirena-Travel one must use TAR-LINE, a system of online fare registration.

TCH settles with each participating airline for sold transportation. 100% revenue is settled every 10 (ten) days in pursuance of TCH-Airline Model Agreement. Sales reports are circulated to each Airline and to the Administrator.


TCH Contract Department

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