​​TCH Board of Directors elected by Annual General Meeting of TCH shareholders on June 02, 2016:

1.   Mikhail Baskakov - Sirena-Travel, CJSC, Director General, Transport Clearing House, PJSC, President ​

2.   Svetlana Bakhmina - Law Office System Support for Business, LLC, Executive Director

3.   Sergei Ilyichev - Transport Clearing House, PJSC, Chairman of Board of Directors

4.   Maxim Ipatov - Upstream-invest, LLC, Director General

5.   Valentin Klimov - Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

6.   Andrei Martirosov - UTair Airlines, PJSC, Director General

7.   Leonid Mokhov - Airline NordStar, JSC, Director General

8.   Valery Nesterov - Sirena-Travel, CJSC, Chairman of Board of Directors

9.   Sergei Skuratov - Ural Airlines, JSC, Director General

10. Ibragim Suleimanov - Transp​ort Clearing House, PJSC, Member of Board of Directors

11. Dmitry Trofimov - Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, PJSC, Sales Department, Deputy Director