​​Elena Razumova joined the Transport Clearing House, PJSC in February 1996. Since February 2015 Mrs. Razumova holds the position of Vice President - Director of Settlement Centre. February 1996 - January 2010, Mrs. Razumova’s career spans several scopes: Chief Accountant, Head of Inspection & Audit Department, Deputy Head of Operative Management Center - Head of Agency Accreditation and Audit Department.

Mrs. Razumova is Honorary Expert of Air Transport.

Since 1980 Mrs. Razumova works for Civil Aviation.

In 1980 Mrs.Razumova graduated from Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers with a degree on Civil Aviation economics and management.

Professional experience:

Mrs. Razumova worked at Civil Aviation Plant № 402, at the Ministry of Civil Aviation of USSR and at the Main Agency of Civil Aviation (Glavagentstvo) of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.