Information Fund of TCH Information System (IF TCH IS) means aggregated databases covering regulatory, administrative, technological and reference documents in e-format.

IF TCH IS serves the below documents to registered users on 365/7/24 basis,

  • CCS documents and resolutions;
  • Library of ATSS regulatory and technological documents, including model agreements, regulations, technologies, standards, rules and manuals;
  • Financial reports, deeds and reference notes;
  • Contact and reference information related to ATSS participants, accredited CRS operators, training centres and providers of ancillary services;
  • Updated information codes: ATSS accounting codes, codes of carriers, agencies, sales locations, cities, airports, regions, aircraft types/modifications;
  • Information related to ATSS implemented/running projects;
  • Workshop documents on ATSS information issues.

IF TCH IS operates under "TCH-INFORM" software designated for the display of documents stored in IF TCH IS in the request-answer mode enabling to build in-house databases for IF TCH IS subscribers.


Your questions concerning IF TCH IS are welcome at TCH Information Services Department
Head of Department: Sergei Kadurin, +7(495) 660-19-73, 660-19-71, extension 1-12, 1-09, 1-10, E-mail: