Information Fund of TCH Information System (IF TCH IS) means aggregated databases covering regulatory, administrative, technological and reference electronic documents.

IF TCH IS serves the below documents to registered users on 365/7/24 basis,

  • CCS documents and resolutions;
  • Library of ATSS regulatory and technological documents, including model agreements, regulations, technologies, standards, rules and manuals;
  • Financial reports, deeds and reference notes;
  • Contact and reference information related to ATSS participants, accredited CRS operators, training centres and providers of ancillary services;
  • Updated information codes: ATSS accounting codes, codes of carriers, agencies, sales locations, cities, airports, regions, aircraft types/modifications;
  • Information related to ATSS implemented/running projects;
  • Workshop documents on ATSS information issues.

IF TCH IS operates under "TCH-INFORM" software designated for the display of documents stored in IF TCH IS in the request-answer mode enabling to build in-house databases for IF TCH IS subscribers.

Procedure on connection to IF TCH IS is set forth in User Manual for Connection to TCH Information System.


Your questions concerning IF TCH IS are welcome at TCH Information Services Department +7(495) 660-19-73, 660-19-71, extension 1-12, 1-09, 1-10, e-mail: