Interactive Reporting System (IRS) of accredited agencies has been developed in accordance with CCS resolutions (Resolution of the 4th Conference of ATSS Participants of 14.12.2006 and CCS Resolution № 126 of 28.02.2008).

IRS was commissioned into commercial operation on December 1, 2008. Currently, over 360 accredited agencies are connected to IRS enjoining the below benefits:

  • Prompt and easy Internet access to sales data and essential reporting information;
  • Reduced costs and time for sales data processing and more efficient control over agency activities;
  • Day-to-day monitoring and sales data analysis (including agency remuneration), subagents (ponts of sale) inclusive;
  • Simplified and less time consuming settlement reports thanks to accurate and verified sales data.

IRS operates through Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, Version 8 or older; other browsers are not supported.

To get started in IRS:

  1. Sign Additional Agreement СИО-АВС/12 to TCH-Agency Model Agreement.
  2. Conclude information support agreement. 


Your questions concerning Additional Agreement to Model Agreement are welcome at TCH Customer Relations and Contracts Department, phone +7(495) 788-12-23, e-mail .

For IRS activation, please contact Information Services Department of IT Centre +7(495) 660-19-73,

For reporting: contact Online Control Group of TCH Agency Control/Reporting Settlement Centre +7(495) 660-19-71, extension 1-72,1-73,1-75,1-79.