The Interactive Reporting System (IRS) for accredited agencies was created pursuant to the resolutions adopted by the Control Council of Settlement (CCS) (Resolution of the 4th Conference of the ATSS Participants of 14.12.2006 and CCS Resolution No.126 of 28.02.2008).     

IRS's commercial operation started on December 1, 2008. Today, more than 360 accredited agencies use the IRS and enjoy its benefits:

  • Quick and easy Internet access to sales data and reporting;
  • Cost and time saving when processing sales data; efficient management of agency operations;
  • Daily monitoring and analyzing (incl. agency remuneration) of the sales of agency and its subagents (points of sale);
  • Easier and quicker creation of settlement reports based on the verified sales data.

The IRS supports only Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or older versions.

How to start:

1.    Sign Additional Agreement СИО-АВС/12 to TCH-Agency Model Agreement.

2.    Conclude a service agreement. 

IRS User Guide (In Russian).


For signing Additional Agreement to Model Agreement:  +7(495) 788-12-23, (Contracts Department)

For IRS activation: +7(495) 660-19-73, (IT Centre)

For reporting: +7(495) 660-19-71, ext. 72, 173, 175, 179 (TCH Agency Control/Reporting, Settlement Centre)