The SII is being developed according to CCS Carriers' Committee Resolution on the Electronic Data Interchange System for the ATSS Participants No.122 of 15.02.2007.

The users may access the SII via a web browser. The system is protected from any distortions, and confidentiality is secured due to the certified cryptographic technology based on key system Inter-PRO Client.

Later SII Evolution was renamed TCH Connect in accordance with Decision per Minutes #6 (p. 3) of TCH Project Committee meeting of 11.12.2015.

TCH Connect functions:

For Airlines

Agency and Bonus Remuneration Setting:

ATSS Claims Handling (ADM/ACM):

Russian airlines statistics. 

For Agencies

ATSS E-Ticket Quota Management

Interactive Reporting:

ATSS Claims Handling (ADM/ACM):

Electronic Application Port:

For М2 Administrators

Allocation of the revenue from the sale of transportations under Multilateral Agreement on Transfer Connections and Through Fares (М2 – Confidential Fare):

Public services

Information Fund of TCH Information System

Schedule & Tariffs Centre (STC) databases:

RF Civil Aviation Statistics

Mail system of TCH

Cipher and Electronic Digital signature (EDS) - Electronic Document Exchange (INFOSED)

TCH Archive server


For activation: +7 (495) 660-19-73, (IT Centre)

24/7 TCH Connect Support Service: +7 (495) 788-12-22