My Account - the System of Interactive Interchange (SII) is being developed pursuant to CCS Carriers' Committee Resolution on Electronic Data Interchange System for ATSS Participants #122 of 15.02.2007 in order to transform TCH informational resources into one undivided intonational portal.

My Account may be accessed via a web browser. The system is protected from any distortions, and confidentiality is secured due to the certified cryptographic technology based on the Inter-PRO Client key system.

My Account functions:

For Airlines

Agency and Bonus Remuneration Setting:

ATSS Claims Handling (ADM/ACM):

Russian airlines statistics. 

For Agencies

ATSS E-Ticket Quota Management:

Interactive Reporting:

ATSS Claims Handling (ADM/ACM):

Electronic Application Port:

For М2 Administrators

The distribution of the revenue from the sale of transportations under M2 Multilateral Agreement on Transfer Connections and Through Fares (М2 – Confidential Fare):

Public services

Information Fund of TCH Information System

Schedule & Tariffs Centre (STC) databases:

The RF Civil Aviation Statistics

Mail system of TCH

Cipher and Electronic Digital signature (EDS) - Electronic Document Exchange (INFOSED)

TCH Archive server


For activation, plaease contact IT Centre at: +7 (495) 660-19-73 or 

For questions about My Acccount software and hardware system, please contact 24/7 Client Support at +7 (495) 788-12-22