​​1. Integration with Reservation Systems:

This tool is distinctive for integration with both TCH ETC and booking systems (GDS) as a part of travel payment process, which means that after card payment is processed, PG independently transmits payment details to GDS, initiates and controls issuance (ticketing) of transportation. Such integration enables to automate:

  • Cancellation of card payment in case of unsuccessful ticketing or cancellation of air tickets;
  • Refunds to cards, including calculation of refund amount and initiation of financial refund transaction for payment systems;
  • "airline addendum".

On average, refund to card takes 2-3 business days from the refund day of transportation/service.

Technically PG can be integrated and used for payment of air travel and ancillary services ticketed in any GDS. Today, the majority of PG connections account for ADS Sirena Travel. However, there are examples of PG connections in dialogues with GDS Travelport, Sabre, Amadeus.

2. E-ticketing

Integration of PG with TCH ETC supports service  e-ticketing (if the content is ticketed on TCH stock) or card payment of service enabling to automate reporting, control and settlement with agencies and airlines/content providers. These functionalities require e-ticket (air travel service on TCH stock) and/or Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD), e.g. for ticketing agency service fees.

3. Back-Office System

Back-office system (BOPS) enables PG users to:

  • View details of card paid bookings (results of cardholder authentication, payment details, air ticket information, etc.);
  • Prepare final and detailed reports on payments for specific period;
  • Manage payments (cancel order and related payment, block card refund, etc.);
  • Block cards online.

4. Fraud Monitoring and Prevention

E-Commerce payment tool meets all modern requirements for secure payments in Internet environment and features a built-in system for assessment of risks related to card fraud (fraud-monitoring).

Particularly, the tool supports cardholder authentication technologies (such as 3D-Secure) and enables to manage and customize this functionality by regions/counties and issuing banks.

To assess card fraud risks, E-Commerce analyzes over two thousands of payment settings. Analysis results are displayed online via BOPS; the tool also features automatic setting of card authorization blocking if a certain number of parameters fall into risk area. These parameters meet the specifics of air transport industry. Thus, one setting that can be customized in accordance with agency wish, is the deadline of payment before departure specified in the order. If the customer attempts to pay the order by card after shown time, payment can be blocked or customer mandatory authentication (3DS) can be activated.

5. Payment Pages

To enter payment card details, the agency can opt for a payment page customized in accordance with agency requirements.

6. Combined Form of Payment

The agency can opt for user discount generated automatically for payment of travel and services via PG.