​​1.  File an application to TCH for accreditation of IPOS/carrier website with authorization for bank card payments (or for extension of accredited IPOS rights so as to authorize card payments) with filled-in form 4i. Please, note that such applications can be filed only by accredited agency or ATSS participating carrier.

2.  Sign relevant additional agreements to TCH agreements:

  • Acquiring-Agency to Model Agreement TCH – Agency;
  • PC/2015 to Model Agreement TCH – Agency (optionally – to enable card payment for ancillary services, service fees, transportation under INV PK, etc. via TCH);
  • PC-Internet-BSP to Model Agreement TCH – Agency (optionally – to enable card payment for transportation on BSP stock under CC FOP);
  • PC-Internet-Rapida to Model Agreement TCH – Agency (optionally – to enable additional payment methods in IPOS);
  • PC-Airline-ET for carriers which signed Airline-ET/16 Agreement with TCH.

3.  Integrate the web engine of IPOS/carrier website with PG as prescribed by communication protocol delivered by the provider to TCH. Integration with PG can be completed by some engine providers – please, check this information with TCH. 

4.  Circulate instructions and guidelines for PG operation, TCH reporting, transportation ticketing with card payment, etc. among relevant experts of the agency/carrier for studying.

5.  Set the engine for relevant service fees depending on the chosen commercial policies, set the engine for selected content (services) offered for payment with E-Commerce payment tool.

6.  To enable PG payment of transportation ticketed on TCH stock under INV PK FOP (when the airline prohibits to use PK FOP), file a free-form application on the agency letterhead for connection of this functionality and deliver a scanned copy to TCH (by facsimile or email at info@tch.ru).

7.  Test payment via PG as part of IPOS accreditation (if the test is successful, TCH files a relevant qualification).

8.  File an application for accessing BOPS by email to TCH (Plastic Cards Department).

9.  Harmonize with TCH (Plastic Cards Department) security settings (fraud monitoring) for IPOS/airline website.

10.  Once IPOS/carrier website is registered in payment systems, TCH and payment provider initiate commercial operation of payment mode as agreed with agency/carrier.