TCH Payment is an advanced IT solution of the Transport Clearing House facilitating interaction between Internet Points of Sales or ticketing agent desktops, on the one side, and gateways of payment providers or processing centers, on the other side, when payments are made against bank cards or other electronic tools. TCH Payment is integrated with TCH E-Ticketing Centre (ETC) to validate payment transactions, develop criteria to select payment providers and processing centers. Moreover, TCH Payment is designed for exchange, refund or cancellation of flight (service) when payment (bank) cards or other electronic tools are used.

TCH Payment Scheme

TCH Payment Scheme eng.jpg 

Goals & Objectives

TCH Payment brings to ATSS participants an integrated product boosting commercial efficiency and performance of currently used TCH payment solutions and enables to:

  • Enhance payment tool capacities and push up bank card turnovers;
  • Significantly reduce direct costs related to services rendered in terms of acquiring;
  • Automate settlement and reconciliation for payments made via this TCH Payment;
  • Support operation in pursuance of ATSS standard technologies.


Thanks to TCH Payment,

TCH will:

  • Run flexible financial politics by administrating access to acquiring banks in order to serve most attractive terms to agencies and carriers;
  • Satisfy agency and airline needs for various services related to payment tools with no restrictions per content providers or service distribution channels.

    Agencies will:

  • Get a payment tool without payment limitation as to service ranges of content providers or  distribution pipelines for services sold via POS or IPOS;
  • Improve the rate of successful transactions (payment conversion) of accredited agencies;
  • Issue e-documents for payments required by agencies (service charges, insurance, ancillaries, etc.) regardless of stock issuer and type of travel or service;
  • Enjoy favorable conditions for customer base build-up.

    Carriers will:

  • Cut expenses, improve sales performance regardless of traffic document stock and distribution network;
  • Cover risks related to payment card servicing;
  • Use the network of TCH accredited agencies to sell transportation against payment (bank) cards both via POSs and accredited IPOSs;
  • Enable payment against bank cards via own sales network (through TCH settlement account or airline settlement account).