​​Payment Methods

Payment SystemCard TypesRemark
VISA InternationalVISA Classic, Gold, Platinum, etc. 
 VISA Electron  
Mastercard Worldwide Mastercard Classic, Gold, Platinum, etc 
 Maestro, Mastercard Electronic 
American Express American Express from April 2016
Diners Club Diners Clubfrom April 2016
UnionPay (China Unionpay)UnionPay from March 2016


Payment tool integrated with POS-terminals enables to accept payments against wide array of payment cards and read card payment details from magnetic stripe, chip or in contactless fashion. Card details can be entered manually from POS keyboard. Cardholder can enter PIN.


1. Integration with Reservation Systems

POS-terminal payment tool is thoroughly integrated with reservation system and is similar to cash desk in essence. By now, POS-terminals are integrated with ADS Sirena Travel.

Such integration improves security of the system. Thanks to automatic card payment, agents can launch card authorization from ADS reservation terminal as a part of booking and ticketing transaction (PNR). Thus:

Authorization amount is calculated automatically based on pricing procedure;

Authorization result and card details are automatically included into PNR and are shown in FOP box;

Advice slip for card payment is automatically printed on ticket printer of ADS terminal;

Risks of cardholder claims are reduced as financial transactions are generated on the basis of “airline addendum” allowing to include details on transportation/service (traffic document number in particular) into bank card reporting for cardholders.

2. Service Fees

Service fees can be included into authorization amount both statically – by way of presetting fee register in ADS Sirena Travel, and dynamically – when the agent immediately enters payment amount in PNR manually.

3. Payment Tool Integration

Integration of payment tool with the reservation system enables to automate cancellations of orders or payments associated with such orders, and automate refunds to cards. On average, refund to card takes 2-3 business days from the refund day of transportation/service.

4. E-Ticketing

Integration of payment tool with TCH ETC enables to issue transportation and services on e-tickets and/or EMD, and issue agency service fees on EMD. E-ticketing helps to automate settlement between TCH, agencies, carriers and content providers, as well as payment audit and control.