Sinergy of POS and VPOS payment tools enables agency to process bank card payment for any content, i.e. transportation, service fees, ancillary services - offered via agency POS and subagent network


This payment tool supports payment for the following transportation and services:

    1. Any transportation ticketed on TCH stock with PK FOP (if authorized by carrier) or with INV PK FOP (if carrier forbids PK FOP). INV PK FOP is activated likewise upon agency request (see E-Commerce payment tool, section 7);
    2. Agency service fees;
    3. Ancillary services:
      Additional payments in cash and application of combined FOP PK+CASH are allowed.
      Payment tool integrated with POS-terminals enables to accept payments against wide array of payment cards and read card payment details from magnetic stripe, chip or in contactless fashion. Card details can be entered manually from POS keyboard. Cardholder can enter PIN.


By now, this payment tool enables payment for the following transportation and services:

    1. Air transportation issued on TCH stock for which airline forbids PK FOP (payment against INV PK);
    2. Agency service fees; 
    3. Various ancillary services offered by agencies and transportation on airline stock, BSP stock, etc. provided the agency pays card acquiring fee.