The Conference of ATSS Participants is the supreme governing body in the Settlement System with the below fundamental tasks:

  • analyze major results of the System business performance as per previous period;
  • elaborate general strategy and fundamental missions for the forthcoming period;
  • elaborate the structure and determine CCS size;
  • discuss and adopt new revisions of the Provision on Air Transport Settlement System.

The Conference of ATSS Participants shall be held as required, normally – once in two-three years. CCS shall decide on the date, time and venue of Conference, the number of delegates from ATSS participating enterprises. The Conference is entitled to make resolutions provided that over 50% of  delegates are present. Conference resolutions shall be adopted by a simple majority vote of the number of delegates attending the meeting.

The Conference shall adopt the Agenda and time-limit; elect the Presidium members, the Returning and Drafting Boards and other working bodies of the Conference; discuss and review the items of Conference Agenda; adopt the General Resolution. The General Resolution of the Conference shall be published in industry mass media, in the Digest of CCS Resolutions, uploaded in TCH Information System and TCH website. The Resolutions of Conference shall be binding upon the Control Council of Settlement and ATSS participants.

Necessary arrangements for holding the Conference as well as for related activities shall be made by the CCS Chairman.

Each enterprise, participating in the Conference, shall delegate one person with one vote. The delegate to the Conference shall be an authorized representative of enterprise, participating in the Conference, having a written authorization to vote on Resolutions. The Head of the enterprise, participating in Settlement System, nominated as a delegate to the Conference, shall represent the enterprise without written authorization, as prescribed by its By-Laws.

Provision on Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS)