The Conference of ATSS Participants is the highest governing body of the Settlement System. The ATSS Participants' Conference shall:

  • analyze work performance for the previous periods;
  • set out an overall strategy and main objectives for the future periods;
  • set out the composition and structure of the Control Council of Settlement (CCS);
  • review the Provision on Air Transport Settlement System and make amendments thereto.

The ATSS Participants' Conference shall be held as required from time to time, generally, once every 2 or 3 years. The CCS defines the date, time and venue of the Conference, and a number of delegates from the ATSS participants. The majority needed to pass resolutions at the Conference is more than half in number of the delegates present and entitled to vote.

The Conference shall set out its agenda and proceedings, discuss the matters of agenda, and pass resolutions. These resolutions shall be binding on the CCS and the ATSS participants.

The CCS Chairman shall prepare and conduct the Conference, and make all appropriate arrangements.

Each company who participates in the Conference shall delegate its duly authorized representative entitled to one vote. The delegate must have a written confirmation of the right to vote. If the delegated person heads the company, a written confirmation of the voting right is not required, and this delegate shall represent the company under the Articles of Associations.