Statistical data provided to ATSS Airline Members on a free basis

The ATSS participants are provided with the following statistical information permitted for publication on a free basis:

1. Monthly statistical data over reporting month of the current year:

  • Key performance indicators of Russian Civil Aviation and airlines: (volume of operations and transportation by type of air service with a breakdown for scheduled and non-scheduled flights).
  • Transportation by Russian airlines between flight points: (by type of service).
  • Transportation via Russian airports: (by type of service with a breakdown for scheduled and non-scheduled flights).

2. Annual informational statistical digests for reporting and previous years:

  • Information on transportation via major Russian airports for 2016-2017 (table of contents).
  • Information about transportation between flight points for 2016-2017 (table of contents).

In order to obtain access to free information, please email your application in any format to the Centre of Statistics and Economic Researches (CSER) of TCH, JSC.

The rest data are supplied to ATSS Airline Members on a paid basis. To watch the list of reports, times and procedures, please go to the Section "Aviation Statistics Services".  


The statistical information so purchased may not be copied, reproduced.
When using any information in possession of TCH, JSC in official, training or scientific documents, as well as in mass media, the link to the source must be indicated.


CSER: Tel./fax: +7 (495) 660-33-81, e-mail:

Technical Support: Tel.: +7 (495) 660-19-73, e-mail: