​The Settlement System enables sales of ancillary services on ATSS electronic documents through the network of accredited agencies.

Currently, the below ancillary services can be sold at accredited agencies:

  • Reservation of rail traffic documents;
  • Hotel booking;
  • Airport services;
  • Transportation in Aeroexpress trains;
  • Motor transport services;
  • Other.

If your Company is engaged in such or similar servicers, or operates as a market consolidator promoting services of other  companies, the Transport Clearing House will be glad to cooperate in terms of your services/products distribution via the network of ATSS accredited agencies.

Provider’s Six Steps to Market Airport, Hospitality and other Ancillary Services

Step 1:  Send Application in the prescribed form and submit relevant documents to TCH.

Step 2:  Sign Service Sales Agreement with TCH.

Your questions regarding the Agreement wording and signing procedure are welcome at Customer Relations and Contracts Department: phone +7 (495) 788-12-23, e-mail do@tch.ru.

Step 3: In order to arrange sales of ancillary services issued on ATSS electronic documents, provider must:

  • operate computerized reservation system connected to TCH E-Ticketing Centre (ETC). Information on such systems is available here.
  • enable direct interaction with ETC.   

You can send your questions regarding   ETC connection to TCH Project Centre at phone: +7 (903) 220-64-67 or e-mail: wws@tch.ru.

4: To agree with TCH, in pursuance of the Agreement signed with TCH, the Rules for Services Reservation and Sale/Refund (“Rules”).

You can send your questions regarding Rules coordination to TCH Reservation Systems Department at phone +7 (495) 788-12-13 or e- mail: smirnova@tch.ru.

Step 5: To send to TCH, in pursuance of the Agreement signed with TCH, a notification specifying the established agency remuneration for accredited agencies in the format set forth in SSS 125-2009 «Procedure for Agency Remuneration Setting at the Time of Airport, Hospitality and Other Ancillary Services Sales».

Your questions regarding the notification on agency remuneration are welcome at Agency Audit  & Reporting Department: phone +7 (495) 660-19-82, e-mail: simonova@tch.ru

Step 6: To send to TCH an information letter stating the ability to initiate service sales via the network of accredited agencies.

Your questions regarding the initiation of services sales are welcome at Reservation Systems Department at phone +7 (495) 788-12-13 or e- mail: smirnova@tch.ru.

Advertising Services for Providers

 Providers rendering services in ATSS, via TCH, can:

  • publish their news and announcements on TCH website;
  • use email shots to accredited agencies.

News and announcements can be emailed at smirnova@tch.ru.

TCH will not charge providers additional fees for said information support.


All questions regarding advertising services for providers are welcome at Reservation Systems Department. Head of the Department: Olga Smirnova, phone +7 (495) 788-12-13, e-mail: smirnova@tch.ru.

Enjoy the convenience offered by TCH!

With us, you will not have to fish customers or arrange settlement for sold services!