Esta​blishment of TCH and the neutral settlement system, such as it is, is a tailor-made, innovative and high-tech industry project. Proven over years and shown its strength and advantages towards the airline community and, in a broader sense, towards the travel industry, as a whole, TCH unceasingly develops creating and marketing new and still new services and products.

TCH strategy for innovative development demands fresh solutions and technologies complying with the market trends and conditions. In this context, we are aimed at continuous improvements of methods and instruments used for the project activity management and have an incentive to enhance our experts’ creative potential and competence.

TCH is keeping on important programs so as to materialize its innovative and technological potential for the benefit of stakeholders in passenger travel and service market. These include ТСН Payment, a universal package solution enabling card payments in case of electronic travel/services issuance and TCH Connect system that is an ATSS internet resource enabling airlines, agencies, service providers and TCH partners to communicate interactively with TCH systems supporting multiple processes and providing access to a variety of TCH databases.
On top of this, TCH prepares a number of programs aimed at products development and quick time to market to meet the advancing trends of global aviation industry, e.g. New Distribution Capability (NDC) implementation on the domestic passenger air travel market (for details, please, refer to article TCH4NDC, or How to Implement IATA New Distribution Model in ATSS).
Meanwhile, TCH is not self-satisfied with its achievements and expands the range of state-of-the-art products and solutions to boost the business of airlines, agents and its partners.​