The Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) provides the obligation of the Airline to establish and pay out remuneration to the Agency.

The Airline may establish agency remuneration as a percentage or in absolute numbers. The remuneration in absolute numbers might be expressed in RF rubles, US dollars or Euros.

The Airline may establish different rates of agency remuneration for different agencies/POSs, different types of transportations/routes, different flights/departure dates/RBDs/fare codes, and different carriers' ancillary services.

The amount of agency remuneration is communicated to the Agency via TCH in informational messages. The agency remuneration is established as per carrier's transportation/ancillaries sold by the Agency over the period as shown in the message.

TCH develops and circulates the informational messages according to Settlement System Standard (SSS) 121 - 2012 "Carrier Procedures for Agency Remuneration Setting".

The amounts of agency remuneration is calculated according to SSS 122 - 2012 "Procedures for Calculation of Agency Remuneration".

To facilitate computerized data processing at the Agency, TCH, at agency's written request, shall send the information on agency remuneration in XML format in accordance with SSS 124 - 2009 "Data Structure of Agency Remuneration as per Sold Air Transportation".

Based on sales results over a reporting ten-day period, TCH automatically calculates the agency remuneration and includes this information in exchange files to be sent to accredited agencies.