In the Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS), airlines undertake an obligation to set up and pay remuneration to agencies.

Airlines may set up agency remuneration as a percentage or in absolute numbers.  In absolute numbers, remuneration might be established in RUB, USD or EUR.

An Airline may establish different rates of agency remuneration for different agencies/points of sales of an agency, for different modes of transportation/routes, for different flights/departure dates/RBDs/fare codes, and for different ancillary services of a carrier.

Airlines inform agencies of the amount of agency remuneration via TCH.

TCH circulates informational messages about established agency remuneration to agencies. Agency remuneration is established for transportation/ancillary services of a carrier sold over the period specified in that message.

TCH draws up informational messages in accordance with to Settlement System Standard (SSS) 121- 2012 "Carrier Procedures for Agency Remuneration Setting".

Agency remuneration is calculated in accordance with Settlement System Standard (SSS) 122-2012 "Procedures for Calculation of Agency Remuneration".  

To facilitate automated data processing at agencies, upon a written request from an agency, TCH sends information about agency remuneration in XML format in accordance with Settlement System Standard (SSS) 124-2009 "Data Structure of Agency Remuneration as per Sold Air Transportation".

Based on sales results over a reporting ten-day period, TCH calculates agency remuneration in automatic mode and includes that information in exchange files sent to accredited agencies.