Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) obligates airlines to set and pay agency remuneration.

Airline may set agency remuneration as a percent or in the absolute value; in the latter case, it may be denominated in Rubles, USD or Euro.

When agents are engaged with various CRS operators, airline may set various remuneration rates for agency/agency POS, types of transportation/routes, flights/departure dates/booking subclasses/fare codes,  as well as for various  ancillary services provided by carriers.

Airlines will inform agency about the amount of agency remuneration through TCH.

TCH communicates agency remuneration rates to agencies in relevant notification. Remuneration is set as per carrier transportation/ancillary services sold within the period shown in the notification.

TCH develops said notifications in accordance with ATSS Standard 121 - 2012 «Carrier Procedures for Agency Remuneration Setting».

The amount of agency remuneration is computed in accordance with ATSS Standard 122 - 2012 «Procedures for Calculation of Agency Remuneration».

To facilitate computerized data processing in agency, TCH, at agency written request, notifies about its remuneration in XML format in accordance with ATSS Standard 124 - 2009 «Data Structure of Agency Remuneration as per Sold Air Transportation».

As per bottom line of elapsed reporting ten-day period, TCH performs automated computation of agency remuneration and enters this data in exchange files circulated to accredited agencies.