The airlines are the main participants of the Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS), therefore, the System is primarily aimed at settling the issues related to carriers' activities and operations. All the technological and information processes currently in effect within the ATSS were developed pursuant to the requirements and tasks set out by the participating Airlines.

An Airline participating in the ATSS may greatly expand its sales distribution network and, thus, its market opportunities, avoid the risk of revenue loss and reduce its expenses; at the same time, the Airline will be provided with transparent financial reporting.

To join the ATSS, the Airline must be registered as a carrier under the laws of the country of its registration, have a valid Air Operator's Certificate and operate scheduled flights. To do so, the Airline seeking the participation shall:

1. Submit to TCH the Application for joining the ATSS.

2. Submit to TCH the below documents:

The above lists are based on the requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation and of the Airline's country of registration.

3. Sign Agreement On Sale and Settlement of Air Transportation and Services Issued on ATSS Electronic Tickets (for your information).

Under the Model Agreement, foreign airlines may settle in RUB, USD, EUR.

4. To remit the Joining Fee for the ATSS:
  • For RF-resident airlines and non-RF resident airlines (CIS countries) – 120,000 (one hundred twenty thousand) RUB.
  • For non-RF resident airlines (non-CIS countries) - 2,000 (two thousand) USD.
Upon remittance of the Joining Fee, all the ATSS accredited agencies get access to the Airline's inventory. Thus, the Airline becomes a full ATSS participant and may enjoy TCH services.


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