In the ATSS, the claims shall be handled via "My Account".

ADMs/ACMs matching global standard administrative ADM/ACM forms are used.

Airlines create ADMs based on published carrier's ADM policy, and in the absence thereof, based on a Standard ADM policy.

The Agency and TCH may create a request for adjustment when errors are found in issued traffic documents or in the operation of automated systems of TCH, CRS (Computer Reservations System). When carrier's ADM policy forbids accredited agencies to issue request for adjustment of errors found in issued traffic documents, the Agency may use "My Account" to send the message to the carrier requesting to issue an ADM.

As related to claims handling, "My Account" allows to:

  • Publish and maintain ADM policies;
  • Enter the claim or upload the claim from the software of airline or agency;
  • Register the received claims;
  • Automatically circulate the airlines' claims among agencies;
  • Hold correspondence and attach files;
  • Control over deadlines (day counter) for pending carrier's claims;
  • Review the status of any claim issued or received by ATSS member;
  • Receive statistics for claims.

Authorised claims will be automatically incorporated into reports for agents and airlines and taken into account when settling.

The below set of documents is essential for claims handling with ADMs/ACMs:

  • Claim Handling Regulation;
  • SSS 164 - 2 015 ADM/ACM Submission Form in ATSS via "My Account".

ADMs/ACMs can be issued in RF rubles, US dollars or Euros.