Claims handling among ATSS members is performed within ATSS through TCH Connect (previously - SII).

For this purpose, ADM/ACM forms matching international standard administrative forms for ADM/ACM.

Airlines are expected to raise their claims on the basis of their published ADM policies or, if no ADM policy is published, - on the basis of standard ADM policy.

Agency and TCH may independently produce a request for adjustment when errors are found in issued traffic documents or in the operation of TCH/CRS automated systems.
When carrier ADM policy forbids accredited agencies to develop adjustment requests in case of errors found in issued traffic documents, agency may send a message request for ADM/ACM generation to carrier, via TCH Connect.

For claims handling, TCH Connect offers the following interactive options:

  • Publication and storage of ADM policies;
  • Download/upload of claims from the program of airline or accredited agency;
  • Registration of incoming claims;
  • Automated circulation of airline claims among accredited agencies;
  • Business correspondence with files attached;
  • Time control over airline claims without response (day counter);
  • Status display of any claim raised or received by an ATSS member;
  • Receipt of claim statistics.

Acknowledged claims will be automatically incorporated into reports for agents and airlines and accounted for at the time of settlement.

Documents for claims handling through ADM/ACM:

  • Provision on claims handling.
  • SSS 164-2015 ADM/ACM Filling Form in ATSS via TCH System of Interactive Interchange (currently renamed into TCH Connect).

Claims may be issued in RF Rubles, USD or EUR.