A transportation is the main accounting and settling unit within the Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS).

The recipient of monies for transportation sold on ATSS STDs is the responsible carrier identified in the ATSS by a unique accounting code.

These are the options of settlements for transportation sold on ATSS STDs:

  • If transportation is carried out by one ATSS participating airline, the accounting code of this airline (i.e. responsible carrier) shall be specified when issuing the transportation. Sold transportation is settled with the responsible carrier.
  • If transportation is carried out by more than one airlines under Interline Agreement, accounting code of ATSS participating carrier (i.e. responsible carrier) shall be specified when issuing the transportation. The responsible carrier is determined by Interline Agreement (or if it's not determined therein), the accounting code of the first ATSS participating carrier on the itinerary shall be specified. Sold transportation is settled with the responsible carrier.
  • Transportation carried out by more than one ATSS participating airlines under Multilateral Agreement M2 (Multilateral Interline "Confidential Fare") shall be issued only at through fare established for several segments. TCH settles monies for sold transportation with each airline participating in this transportation.
  • Transportation carried out by more than one ATSS participating airlines under Multilateral Agreement M1 (Multilateral Interline "Open Fare") shall be issued only at fares established for transportation segments. TCH settles monies for sold transportation with each airline participating in this transportation.

TCH develops transportation sales reports for carriers in RF RUB, USD or EUR.

Based on sales results in the reporting ten-day period, TCH provides airlines with the information under the "Standard of Exchange Files for Carriers" and/or HOT-file matching the Standard "CRS. Data Structure of Agency Sales Archive File".

Moreover, settlement with airlines is possible in various currencies.

Under direct agreement between the Airline and the Agency, the settlements shall be made as per the terms & conditions of the direct agreement (via TCH or not). 

The claims shall be handled via "My Account" using the standard international ADM/ACM forms of filing claims.

For Reporting Schedule-2019 drawn up in the form Addendum No.5 to Annex No.3 to Model Agreement On Sales and Settlement Related to Air Services Issued on ATSS STDs and E-Tickets click here.