The Airline may award a bonus remuneration in addition to an agency remuneration.

The Airline shall credit the bonus remuneration when the Agency achieves the volume of sales as set by the Airline. The conditions for setting and crediting of bonus remuneration are established by Additional Agreements between the Airline and TCH.

TCH shall notify agencies of their bonus remuneration, including its validity period, sales results, and bonus rates.

To pay out bonus remuneration, the Airline creates an Agency Credit Memo (ACM) for bonus remuneration using the "My Account" function.

The bonus remuneration shall be credited on the date when TCH authorizes the respective ACM.

The bonus remuneration payable to the Agency by the Airline shall be included in agency's settlement report over a reporting ten-day period and in the report "Data on Agency Remuneration Paid by Airline" for the same calendar month when the ACM was authorised.