​Schedule & Tariffs Centre (STC) ​is a structural subdivision of the TCH, JSC performing the following functions as prescribed by special authority in the field of ​Civil Aviation:

  • under the prescribed rules, ensuring of airlines' activities coordination as regards development, maintenance and update of domestic/international flight schedules;
  • technological control over operational conditions and licenses requirements at international, interregional and local air routes;
  • registration and maintenance of coding directories of carriers, cities, airports and other technological codifiers;
  • ensuring of appropriate filing of fare data for international and domestic passenger air routes;
  • ensuring of appropriate filing of airport/aeronautical fees and charges (prices) for aircraft ground handling at Russian Federation airports;
  • maintaining of universal industry database on fare data for passenger services; domestic and international schedules for Russian aircraft; airport/aeronautical fees; charges (prices) for aircraft ground handling at the Russian Federation airports; coding directories, publication of related data and preparation of relevant statistical reports.

Basic Regulations Governing STC Operation

  • Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation #599 "Rules for Ensuring Access to Services of Entities of Natural Monopoly at Airports" of July 22, 2009.
  • Regulation for Development, Approval, and Publication of Timetables of Scheduled Passenger and/or Cargo Carriages Operated by Licensed Carriers. Effected by the Order #310 of RF Ministry of Transportation of 12.12.2011 (registered by RF Ministry of Justice on February 7, 2012, Register Number 23158).
  • Provision on Registration and Publication of Fare Data for Scheduled Passenger Services Operated by Russian Aviation Enterprises. Effected by the Order #94 of RF Ministry of Transportation of 23.05.2001 (amended as per Order #10 of RF Ministry of Transportation of 11.02.2005 and Order #90 of RF Ministry of Transportation of 04.04.2012)
  • Provision on Assignment, Maintenance and Use of Internal Codes of Carriers and Organizations, Airports and Cities (Points) and Civil Aviation Agencies. Effected by Ordinance #ДВ-63/и of the Air Transport Department of 12.05.94.  
  • Regulation for Creation and Application of Transfer Connections for Flights Operated by M1 Agreement Participating Airlines. Effected by the Order #31 of TCH, JSC of 02.08.2005. 
  • The Order #63 of 24.02.2011 "On Approval of the Methodology for Airports' Capacity Calculation and the Procedure for Application of the Methodology for Airports' Capacity Calculation".
  • The Order #137 of 21.06.2010 "On Approval of the Application Form for Rendering Services of Entities of Natural Monopolies at Airports, the Form and Procedures for Maintenance of Applications Register for Rendering Services of Entities of Natural Monopolies at Airports".