​​​​Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) is a combination of governing bodies and participants interacting under concepts, technologies and rules effective in the System.

ATSS is designated for:

  • rendering of standard  services relative to sales of passenger air transportation by accredited agencies on ATSS Standard Traffic Documents (STDs), including ATSS e-tickets, and ensuring full and timely settling with airlines in accordance with effective rules, standards, procedures and technologies;
  • simplification of air transportation sales procedures, standardization of technologies, generation of reporting, and revenue settlement among System participants;
  • arrangement and ensuring control over funds flow from accredited agencies to airlines;
  • reduction of airlines' costs to maintain their own networks for transportation sales;
  • shorter period of financial settlement among airlines and their contracting partners;
  • informing airlines about available or spent revenue funds;
  • mitigation of lost revenue risk or risks resulting from the insolvency of  ATSS participants.  
Provision on Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS)

 ATSS Presentation​​