The Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) means a community of governing authorities and participants who interact with each other pursuant to the concepts, technologies and rules effective in this System.

The ATSS is designated to:

  • Render the standard services for the organization of the sale by accredited agencies of passenger travel and ancillary services issued on ATSS Standard Traffic Documents or other ATSS documents (hereafter STD), and to ensure full and timely settlement of sold transportation and ancillary services with ATSS participants and partners pursuant to effective standards, rules, procedures and technologies.
  • Facilitate the procedures for air transportation and ancillary services sales, standardization of technologies, reporting and revenue settlement between the ATSS participants and partners.
  • Reduce the expenses of the ATSS participants and partners for the maintenance of their own sales networks.
  • Reduce the expenses of participants and partners associated with the sale of transportation and ancillary services via the network of the ATSS accredited agencies.
  • Optimize the settlement for sold transportation and ancillary services; notify the ATSS participants and partners about their settlement status; mitigate revenue loss risks and the risks resulting from financial defaults of other participants and partners of the ATSS.