Since 1999, a unique bank card system for air transportation sales and settlement has been used in Air Transport Settlement System. This technology has five important benefits as compared to IATA BSP and ARC:

  1. TCH arranges payment of Airline carriages in accredited agency network (including IPOS) against bank cards providing necessary payment tools, ensuring compliance and control over credit card support rules in accredited agency network.
  2. TCH ensures Airline settling with payment systems in terms of sales against bank cards in accredited agency network. Airline is not required to sign additional agreement with payment system as settlement is effected via TCH account in accordance with terms and conditions set forth in TCH-Airline Agreement.
  3. TCH supports and ensures 100% revenue remittance to Airline for sales against credit cards irrespective of claims on card holder side including claims arising out of fraud in the Internet environment. All card holder claims are processed through  TCH. 
  4. Should passenger cancel his/her flight, TCH will ensure refund of card payment.
  5. TCH does not require a guarantee deposit  from airlines to arrange selling against bank cards.
    Special FOP code “PK” is used for bank card payment transactions involving  CCS-TCH STD.

This FOP can be used both in Russian accredited reservation system, i.e. ADS Sirena-Travel, as well as in foreign GDSs attested in ATSS - Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo.

Moneys received from such sales, will be remitted to airline in the same timeframes as for transportation paid by cash.

Currently, TCH supports settlement involving the below bank card systems:

  • VISA Int
  • JCB