Within the frameworks of the Air Transport Settlement System, a unique technology for the organization of payment and settlement for transportation sale with the use of payment (bank) card was developed and is in active use since 1999.

This technology has 5 important benefits as compared to IATA BSP and ARC:

1.     It is TCH who arranges payment for carriers' transportations in accredited agencies network (including IPOS) against bank cards. TCH provides all necessary payment tools, ensures and controls the compliance with the rules for credit card acceptance in the accredited agencies network.

2.     TCH ensures settlement between the Airline and payment systems for the sales against bank cards in the accredited agencies network. The Airline is not required to sign any additional agreement with a payment system because settlement is made via TCH's account in accordance with TCH-Airline Agreement.

3.     TCH guarantees 100% revenue remittance to the Airline for sales against credit cards irrespective of any complaints received from card holders, including the claims arising out of fraud in the Internet. It is TCH who handles all cardholders' complaints.

4.     TCH undertakes to organize refunds against bank cards in case of flight cancellation made by passenger.

5.     TCH does not require a guarantee deposit from the Airline to arrange sales against bank cards.

When making payment under this technology, a special code of the form of payment (FOP) "PK" is shown on ATSS STD(s).

This FOP may be used both in the domestic accredited GDS Sirena-Travel and in foreign GDSs attested with the ATSS - Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo.

The monies from the sales against payment (bank) cards shall be remitted to the Airline in the timeframes same as for cash.

Today TCH supports settlements against payment (bank) cards of the following payment systems:

  • JCB
  • MIR