According to the ATSS Project for Sale of Airport, Hospitality and other Ancillary Services, the Providers establish and pay agency remuneration. This obligation is provided in the Ancillary Services Sale Agreement.

The Provider may establish an agency remuneration as a percentage or in absolute numbers.

Different rates of remuneration may be established for different agencies/POSs, or for specific tour/service codes.

The Provider establishes agency remuneration and communicates it to TCH in accordance with Settlement System Standard (SSS) 125 - 2009 "Procedure for Agency Remuneration Setting at the Time of Airport, Hospitality and Other Ancillary Services Sales" in the form of the Notice on Assignment of Agency Remuneration.

The agency remuneration is established as per the services sold over the period shown in the Notice.

The Agencies are notified about their remuneration via TCH.

Based on sales results over a reporting period, TCH automatically calculates agency remuneration and includes an amount thereof in the exchange files to be sent to accredited agencies and providers.