ATSS Project of airport, hospitality and other ancillary services sales stipulates the Provider’s obligation to set and pay agency remuneration, which is worded in the Agreement on Ancillary Services Sales.

Provider may set agency remuneration as a percent rate or in absolute value.

Provider may set various remunerations for agencies/agency POSs or for specific tour/service codes.

Provider sets agency remuneration and communicates it to TCH in accordance with Settlement System Standard 125 - 2009 "Procedure for Agency Remuneration Setting at the Time of Airport, Hospitality and Other Ancillary Services Sales" in the form of "Notification on Agency Remuneration Setting".

Provider sets agency remuneration for the services which were sold within the period shown in the Notification.

Agencies are notified about their remuneration via TCH.

As per total sales in relevant reporting period, TCH makes a computerized calculation of agency remuneration and incorporates this data in exchange files circulated to agencies and providers.