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In the framework of TCH/agency relations, e-commerce implies a set of payment instruments provided to agency to arrange sales of air transportation and other accompanying services via the Internet.

Advantages of E-Commerce

  1. Global coverage. E-commerce scope is defined by the Internet global expansion, rather than national borders – thus, even small agencies can be engaged in global business.
  2. Higher competiveness. Agencies can use e-commerce so as to approach the customer as close as possible and offer broader pre/after sale support enabling agile response to customer claims.
  3. Personalization of sales. With e-commerce tools, agencies can receive information on the needs and requirements of each and every individual customer and automatically provide products and services in accordance with relevant requests.
  4. Quick demand response. Agencies can satisfy the customer criteria with minimum response time-span with a feedback.
  5. Cost reduction. A transaction completed in electronic mode mitigates service costs, making products cheaper for the customer.

Payment tools

Currently, in vein of e-commerce technologies, TCH offers agencies to integrate the below payment tools in online retailers:

  1. Payment for transportation and other services against bank cards issued by international payment systems (Internet Acquiring).
  2. Payment for transportation and other services via payment acceptance systems.

Detailed description how to use the mentioned payment tools - see relevant menu tabs. 

How to connect service

To connect e-commerce payment tools, agency must:

  1. Accredit its Internet Point of Sale (online retailer) in TCH;
  2. Conclude with TCH relevant Additional Agreement to Model Agreement covering payment tools;
  3. Harmonize the interaction of online retailer and TCH payment gateway used for e-commerce (for agencies using online booking engine from Sirena-Travel, this functionality is already integrated).


  1. TCH offers agencies complete integrated solution covering the entire technological chain – from arrangement of payment on website to settlement;
  2. Payment solutions can be used without restrictions as regards reservation systems and architects of online booking modules (engines);
  3. Agency can use payment solutions for payment for transportation and other services issued on ATSS STDs and other content distributed via online retailer, including transportation issued outside TCH neutral session;
  4. Agencies are provided with access to the generic back office of e-commerce payment gateway to view detailed information on payments made with use of all TCH e-commerce payment tools. 


All questions related to payment of transportation against bank cards are welcome at TCH Plastic Cards Department.

          phone: +7 (495) 660-19-77, ​ E-mail:
          Head of Plastic Cards Department - Alexander Golovkin