​For issuance of ATSS e-tickets, ATSS e-ticket quota is provided to an agency operating under the quotas scheme:

  • e-ticket quota determining the number of ATSS e-tickets, which an accredited agency is authorized to issue;
  • e-document quota determining the number of ATSS Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD)/e-documents, which an accredited agency is authorized to issue.

The procedure for order and receipt of ATSS e-ticket quotas by an agency is described in "Technology for Order, Distribution, Record and Control of Use of ATSS STD Forms and E-ticket Quotas", 4th Version (with amendments №1-2). A summary for obtaining ATSS STD forms and e-ticket quotas is set forth in the Tips for ordering ATSS STD forms/e-ticket quotas.

Applications for ATSS e-ticket quotas should be sent to TCH using the option "E-application Port" in TCH Connect.

Agencies, which signed Additional Agreement on Payment Bond Based Settlements to TCH-Agency Model Agreement, are entitled for unlimited ATSS e-ticket quotas.

An accredited agency can manage the ATSS e-ticket quota through Management System for ATSS E-Ticket Quotas.

Functions of Management System for ATSS E-Ticket Quotas are accessed through Windows Internet Explorer 8 or younger.

To get access, you need to send application to TCH in accordance with “User Manual for Connection to TCH Information System".

Management System for ATSS E-Ticket Quotas provides to accredited agencies the below opportunities as regards activities related to ATSS e-ticket quotas:

  • Control the balance of quotas provided to agency (separately, e-ticket quotas and e-document quotas);
  • Control the manageable amount within which the agent can sell transportation services;
  • Create groups of agency POSs so as to allocate quotas;
  • Provide quotas to POS groups;
  • Control the balance of quotas remained in POS groups;
  • Reduce or completely withdraw quotas from POS groups;
  • Separately operate e-ticket quotas and e-document quotas;
  • Get references on quota provided to agency or quota provided by agency to POS groups.


Your questions concerning obtaining and management of ATSS e-ticket quotas are welcome at TCH Quotas & Ticket Forms Department.

E-mail: obsotkp@tch.ru.
Phone: +7 (495) 660-19-79; +7 (495) 660-19-71, Ext. 154, 156, 125.  Phone/fax: +7 (495) 660-19-84.