​​Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) employs electronic/paper forms of ATSS Standard Traffic Documents (ATSS STDs) to issue air transportation contracts for passengers, baggage and related services.

ATSS Standard Traffic Documents Forms comply with international standards. Information related to Form Codes 610 – 619 for various types of ATSS traffic documents specifying the method for check digit calculation is shown in Attachment A to Recommended Practice 1720а, IATA Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual. The range of ATSS STDs is allocated depending on the issuance method for transportation/services. For ATSS electronic documents with service type codes 81, 76, 75 and 98, as of July 1, 2014, serial numbers are generated from the range of Form Code 10.

E-forms of ATSS standard traffic documents include e-ticket and Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)​​. EMD is used to issue ancillary services rendered to passengers or various fees/charges collected from passenger. Electronic ATSS documents may also be used for ancillary service issuance.

Number of ATSS e-ticket/EMD is generated in TCH E-ticketing Centre (TCH ETC) from relevant stock of ATSS traffic documents in the process of transportation/service issuance.

To be able to issue ATSS e-tickets, accredited agencies need to receive ATSS e-ticket quota.

Procedure for obtaining ATSS STD forms and e-ticket quotas is described in "Technology for Order, Distribution, Record and Control of ATSS STD Forms and E-ticket Quotas", 4th Version (with amendments №1-2).

Applications for ATSS STD Forms should be sent by agency to TCH using the option "E-application Port" in TCH Connect.

ATSS STD forms satisfy the requirements of industry documents of the Russian Federation and in accordance with the Letter of the RF Ministry of Finance № 16-00-27-23 dated 29.05.1998, the RF Government Regulation № 359 dated May 6, 2008 «Procedure for Cash Settlement and/or Settlement by Payment Cards without Cash Registers» and Memo of the Department of Government Policy in Civil Aviation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transportation (Letter № 01-01-02/3013 of 17.11.2008) are endorsed as accountable forms to be used in financial settlement with general public to ensure the account of moneys without cash registers.

Transportation issuance on ATSS STDs is performed in pursuance of ATSS Standard Traffic Documents. Ticketing Handbook. A brief summary of information shown on ATSS STDs – see Tip​s​.

When transportation is issued on ATSS STD forms and various transactions are performed, TCH validators are used. TCH validator is a stamp used for validation of ATSS STD forms enabling to identify the agency (agency POS) that has issued relevant ATSS STD form.

Order, provision, record and control of TCH stamps (validators) use is performed in compliance with "Technology for Order, Distribution, Record and Control of TCH Stamps (Validators) Use".


Your questions concerning obtaining ATSS STD forms and e-ticket quotas and manufacturing of TCH stamps (validators) are welcome at TCH Quotas & Ticket Forms Department.

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