​​​​​​​A fundamental requirement to sell transportation/services ATSS STDs and other documents is accreditation procedure ensuring compliance with terms and requirements of ATSS Agency Accreditation Rules.

ATSS accreditation enables to:
  • get access to sales of transportation/ancillaries of ATSS members and partners on ATSS STDs and other documents under model agreements, technologies and practices;
  • administer sales online via provided interactive interface;
  • use standard reporting for financial and management accounting;
  • settle all sales using agency’s single asset;
  • become ATSS full member and be elected to CCS Agency Committee, an administrative authority supporting ATSS operations and setting key vectors of ATSS development.
Documents essential for ATSS participation:

Agency Accreditation Procedure​

POS Accreditation Procedure​

IPOS Accreditation Procedure​

Agency Accreditation

​Accreditation Terms

ATSS accreditation is available to an agency (legal entity or businessman, resident or non-resident of the Russian Federation) which sells or intends to sell transportation/services.

The agency shall provide to TCH financial guarantees that would cover agency’s obligations in accordance with Calculation Method and Types of Financial Guarantee.

The agency shall have at least one accredited POS.

The agency shall employ at least two ticket agents selling transportation/services trained under training program approved by TCH (if applicable).

Accreditation Procedure

Agencies are accredited by Agency Accreditation Panel.

An agency seeking accreditation is required to submit an Application and a set of application documents, as stipulated by Agency Accreditation Rules, at TCH Headquarters mailing address: 59, build. 1 Bolshaya Grouzinskaya Str., Moscow, 123056.

TCH will charge agency for application documents review in accordance with TCH Service Price List effective at the day of documents submission. 
  • Agency Accreditation Panel shall meet in person once a month or as and when required. Representatives of the applicant agency may be invited to a relevant meeting of Agency Accreditation Panel.

Agency Accreditation Panel may:

  • accredit an agency;
  • deny accreditation (specifying the reasons for denial);
  • postpone the review of accreditation and request additional information from the agency.

If an agency receives TCH notification on granting accreditation, such agency will: 
  • Sign agreement on transportation/services sales with TCH;
  • Sign information support agreement for access to TCH Information System (electronic digital signature, TCH Connect, Interactive Reporting System (IRS), TCH email address and TCH-INFORM);
  • Sign Electronic Document Flow Agreement on legally valid electronic flow of documents and authorization to use relevant software;
  • Arrange prescribed financial guarantee;
  • Send application documents for accreditation of POS (IPOS) and pay for the accreditation;
  • Conclude agreement for connection to CRS (ADS) with CRS (ADS) operator;
  • Submit applications for registration of ticket agents, terminals and requests for STDs.

For more details, please, visit the following sections of our website:
Accreditation procedure results in opening of transportation/services sales rights to accredited agency.

The agency will be awarded with ATSS accreditation certificate.

​POS Accreditation

An accredited agency shall not sell transportation/services at non-accredited point of sale (POS).

Set of application documents and business correspondence related to POS/IPOS/TSSK accreditation will be submitted to TCH via e-mail at info@tch.ru.

Agency will be charged for POS accreditation in accordance with TCH Services Price List effective at the time of documents submission.

Set of application documents required for POS accreditation includes:

Application for POS Accreditation (own or subagent)

Details of subagent:

​Accreditation of IPOS

IPOS may be accredited only provided an accredited POS is in place.

Agency will be charged for IPOS accreditation in accordance with TCH Service Price List effective at the time of the documents submission.

Preparation for website accreditation covers the below steps:

  • Software development, i.e. development of a booking engine enabling interaction with CRSs (ADS).  
  • Software installation on agency website; design of website information sections in accordance with the requirements of ATSS technological practices.
  • Integration of payment module enabling both booking and payment for a reserved travel via the website. For travel issue with PK form of payment, it is necessary to use TCH payment gateway. ​

The set of application documents necessary for IPOS accreditation includes:

IPOS will be accredited after check of IPOS compliance with the below ATSS technological practices and Standards (the correct performance of website engine, payment gateway, website content, etc.):

To enable transportation/services sales via accredited POS/IPOS the agency shall submit to TCH Applications for registration of ticket agents/terminals, virtual ticket agents/virtual terminals.


TCH Department of Agency Accreditation, Support and Control of Distribution Network: phones +7 (495) 660-19-78, +7 (495) 660-19-80, E-mail: info@tch.ruoaa@tch.ru.​