Agency Accreditation

POS Accreditation

IPOS Accreditation​

To sell transportation and ancillary services (hereinafter referred to as Transportation/Ancillaries) on the ATSS e-tickets and ATSS e-documents (hereinafter referred to as the ATSS Stock), the Agency is required to undergo an accreditation in the Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS).

ATSS accreditation enables the Agency to:

  • Get access to the sale of ATSS members' and partners' transportation/ancillaries on ATSS Stock within the frameworks of model agreements, technologies and procedures;
  • Administer its sales in a real time mode using a provided interactive interface;
  • Use standard reports for the purposes of accounting and management. Make settlement of all sales using the Agency's single assets;
  • Become an ATSS fully entitled member and be elected to the Control Council of Settlement (CCS) Agency Committee, the administrative authority which supports the current operations and development of the ATSS.

Please email your questions about the accreditation at for the attention of the Chairman of the Agency Accreditation Panel.


Agency Accreditation

ATSS Agency Accreditation Rules are the normative and technological regulations related to the policy, procedures, and conditions of the accreditation of an agency, point of sale (POS), and internet point of sale (IPOS) in the ATSS.

A legal entity or an individual entrepreneur (hereinafter referred to as the Agency), a RF resident or a non-RF resident who is selling transportation/ancillaries on ATSS Stock or intends to do so, and who meets to the below criteria is eligible to ATSS accreditation:

  • The Agency must have no outstanding debts to ATSS members, and CEO or shareholder (stakeholder) of the Agency is not (have not been) a CEO or shareholder (stakeholder) of a company that has outstanding debts to ATSS members;
  • The Agency must provide a financial security to TCH to cover its settlement obligations as set out in the Calculation Method and Types of Financial Security;
  • The Agency's personnel must o be familiar with ATSS normative, technological, and information documents related to sale of transportation/ancillaries. The Agency must have no less than one ticketing agent trained to sell transportation/ancillaries under the training programs approved by TCH (if applicable);
  • The Agency and its POS(s) must be duly equipped to make booking, payment and issue  transportation/ancillaries on ATSS Stock;
  • For applying for ATSS accreditation, the Agency must submit the application documents to TCH as set out in the ATSS Agency Accreditation Rules and pay for ATSS accreditation as per Price List effective on the date of the application (excerpt from Price List approved by TCH President of 28.11.2018).

How to submit the application documents to TCH:

  • Send the scanned documents at in a scanned form;
  • Send the documents to TCH's head office at: 123056, Moscow, B. Grouzinskaya Str., 59/1 for legal entities registered in foreign country;
  • By filling Application Form posted on TCH's website for temporary registration in order to undergo ATSS accreditation (Application Form Guidelines).

After application documents have been reviewed, comments (if any) have been addressed, and TCH's invoice for accreditation services has been paid, the documents proceed to the Agency Accreditation Panel.

ATSS accreditation is carried out by the Agency Accreditation Panel.

After the receipt of an ATSS accreditation notice from TCH, in order to proceed with the sale of transportation/ancillaries on ATSS Stock under its own code, the Agency shall:

  • Sign with TCH a Model Agreement For Transportation And Services Sale;
  • Get access to My Account on TCH's website and email address registered in Mail System of TCH (TCH MS), and to pay against TCH's invoice for the services of My Account and TCH MS;
  • Send the application documents for accreditation of POS(s), IPOS(s), transaction self-service kiosk(s) (TSSK) at, and to pay against TCH's invoice for POS, IPOS, TSSK accreditation;
  • Sign an agreement for connection to CRS (ADS) with an operator of CRS (ADS) or get access to web-system Klever, and make software settings and register the related details;
  • Submit Applications for Registration of Ticketing Agents and Terminals;
  • Provide a financial security in accordance with the information received from TCH about settlement procedure, approved type of security, and person (entity) who provides a security covering the Agency's obligations.

Accreditation procedure results in granting the right to sell transportation/ancillaries on ATSS Stock.

TCH provides an accredited Agency, POS, IPOS, TSSK with:

  • ATSS reference codes;
  • ATSS Accreditation Certificate (paper and/or electronic format).

The Agency must inform TCH of any changes to the Agency's Profile and submit the supporting documents when such changes are subject to registration as per applicable laws.

The Agency, its POS(s), IPOS(s), TSSK(s) must continuously comply with the ATSS normative and technological regulations.

TCH shall control the operations of the Agency, its POS(s), IPOS(s), TSSK(s) to ensure their compliance with the ATSS normative and technological regulations.


POS (Point of Sale) Accreditation

The Accredited Agency must have no less than one accredited point of sale (POS).

The Agency is not entitled to sell transportation/ancillaries on ATSS Stock at a non-accredited POS(s).

The documents for POS accreditaton to be sent to TCH:
  • by email at as scanned copies;
  • through My Account of the Agency on TCH's website. Section "Organisation of sale / Accreditation with ATSS (Application Guidelines)

To accredit its POS(s), the Agency needs to submit the following documents:


IPOS (Internet Point of Sale) Accreditation

IPOS is eligible to accreditation only if the Agency has an accredited POS (Point of Sale).

To accredit its IPOS(s), the Agency needs to submit the following documents at

  • Application;
  • Documents confirming accredited agency/subagent's right to administer, use a domain name to sell transportation/ancillaries on ATSS Stock. The right to use a domain name shall be valid during the entire accreditation period for IPOS.

To obtain ATSS accreditation, an IPOS must meet the criteria as established in the ATSS normative and technological regulations and standards related to the arrangement of sale of transportation/ancillaries on ATSS Stock at internet point of sale (website content, smooth operation of website engine and payment gateway, interaction with CRS (ADS), etc.).


Please contact TCH Accreditation Department at +7 (495) 660-19-78 (80) or,