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Passenger Information*

Dear passengers, 

TCH, JSC, acting on behalf of and in the interest of ATSS Participating Airlines, provides the below listed services to passengers purchasing air tickets for the flights operated by ATSS Participating Airlines in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Model Agreements signed with them: 

certification of contract of air carriages issued on ATSS electronic tickets;
creation of electronic records of concluded contracts of air carriage;
storage of electronic records in the Electronic Ticketing Centre;
providing to passengers the information contained in electronics record that are relevant to contracts of air carriage concluded between them and carriers.

The charge (tax (ZZ code)) for the above listed services is collected from passengers in accordance with the procedure established in the Air Transport Settlement System. 

ATSS Electronic Ticket 

When issuing an ATSS electronic ticket, passenger shall be provided with an Electronic Ticket (Itinerary/Receipt)
and additional Information. Electronic Ticket (Itinerary/Receipt) includes travel data and compulsory notices.

Image of Electronic Ticket (Itinerary/Receipt) (Russian)

Image of Electronic Ticket (Itinerary/Receipt) (English)

Passenger additional Information

Receive Itinerary/Receipt of ATSS electronic ticket*

Dear Passengers,

Here you can receive Itinerary/Receipt of ATSS electronic ticket.

Currently, the service is available for ATSS​ e-tickets, which have not been cancelled, refunded or accepted for exchange.

Itinerary/Receipt can be received within 5 years from the departure date.

Number of ticket
Passenger name
Language of issuance Russian English
Code on the picture
Your electronic ticket itinerary/receipt
* Tips.
How to know if travel is issued on ATSS e-ticket:
Number of your ticket is ХХХ 61ХХХХХХХХ, where the fourth and fifth digits must be 61.
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