​​Settlement System has been in operation since January 1, 1993.

ATSS has been implemented:

  • As a result of decentralization, demonopolization and deregulation of the national economy and airline industry
  • Under initiative of major airlines and agencies of Russia and CIS with administrative support (in 1992 and subsequent years) of Russian aviation authorities, Air Transport Operators Association and Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC)
  • Within extremely short period – one year
  • By analogy to ASP ARC (USA) and BSP IATA

In 1992 the Department of Air Transport (DAT) of the RF Ministry of Transport issued the following orders and directives:

Order № ДВ-76 “On transition to direct settlement on revenues and commercial and technical services” as of July 2, 1992, which obligated air transport enterprises to migrate to direct settlement on passenger and cargo sales revenues with civil aviation agencies and settlement on airport commercial and technical services as from October 1, 1992. The Main Agency of Civil Aviation as a government entity was elected as a Settlement System general customer.

Directive № 32/и “On transition to the new scheme of audit coupons issuance and transfer from airports to airlines” as of August 10, 1992, which effected (by way of trial) “Transitional technology of traffic document issuance and delivering from airports to airlines” as from September 15, 1992.

Directive № 33/и “On transition to the new scheme of traffic document issuance in agencies” as of August 10, 1992, which obligated civil aviation agencies to adopt “Rules for traffic document issuance for direct revenue settlements (transitional)” and improve the AS “Sirena-2” for Settlement System purposes in accordance with the Rules.

Directive № ДВ-69/и “On Settlement System operation management” as of November 20, 1992, which established guidelines for the Settlement System operation management, including execution of “General Agreement on settlements among airlines, agencies, airports and air traffic control authorities of RF, CIS and Baltic States and Georgia”. The directive also obligated the Main Agency of Civil Aviation to establish the Clearing House of Airlines (CHA), Settlement Centre of Russia and Data Maintenance Centre (future Schedule & Tariffs Centre) for “fare data registration, distribution and maintenance, coordination and timely updating of airlines schedules and code assignment”. The directive also obligated airlines to establish own Settlement Centers and set up subaccounts with the Clearing Bank (“Aviaservice” branch of UNIKOMBANK in Moscow). The agencies were to establish divisions for primary documentation processing to ensure revenue settlements, sign agreements with CHA and Clearing Bank on revenue remittance and with the Settlement Centre of Russia – on information exchange. Airports and Air Traffic Control centers were to charge airlines for services and fueling (with aviation fuel and lubricants) via CHA and execute control over payment.

Order № ДВ-163 “On commencement of the Settlement System operation” as of December 30, 1992 which obligated aviation enterprises – RF carriers, independent airports and civil aviation agencies – “to migrate (as from January 1, 1993) to direct settlement in accordance with the DAT orders and directives issued earlier, regulatory and technological documents supplemented and amended that were submitted to all air transport process participants”. The Order also obligated aviation enterprises to “elect candidates to the Control Council of Settlement before January 15, 1993”, cancelled the Order № 61 of the USSR Ministry of Civil Aviation “On enhancement of the revenue accrual system” as of March 21, 1991, and requested the Deputy Director of Air Transport Department of RF Ministry of Transport to “establish a scheme of settlement among carriers of RF, CIS and Baltic states and Georgia”.