Statistics is a system for scientific-based assessment of economy functioning and development.

The effective use of statistical information is a prerequisite for unbiased analysis and marketing researches, monitoring and qualitative estimation models. Eventually all these factors will allow to arrive at well-grounded solutions relevant to actual situation in civil aviation and national economy.

The Centre of Statistics and Economic Researches (CSER) is a subdivision of the TCH, JSC. CSER collects and processes state statistics and maintains statistic databases on airlines, airports and other entities of Russian Civil Aviation in pursuance with official regulations of the special authority in the field of Russian civil aviation.

CSER operates in accordance with regulatory and order documents of the special authority in the field of Civil Aviation and the Federal State Statistics Service.

Given that the system of accounting and statistics in the Civil Aviation is a key leverage tool to manage the economy growth, in 2000, TCH implemented the commercial operation of "Statistics", an automated system for mining and processing of state statistics reporting related to aviation enterprises of Russian Civil Aviation (AS "Statistika").

The current technology provides automated collection of statistical data from all airlines and civil airports of Russia and allows to exercise control over the reliability and completeness of submitted information. The system maintains and updates the information resources and contains systematized statistics of Civil Aviation as a whole and data broken down by individual airlines and airports of the Russian Federation.

"Statistics" automated system provides online access to statistical information resources, generation of integrated statistical reports and collection of aggregated information with the breakdown by individual enterprises and specific indicators.

Presently, Russian Federal Executive Authorities, airlines, airports, business circles, scientific community, mass media and international organizations enjoy highly effective supply of authentic, updated and systematized data related to economic situation in Russian Civil Aviation.

In conformity with current legislation and concluded agreements, CSER provides the requested information permitted for public use with respect to Civil Aviation generally and to performance indicators for individual airlines and airports. The following annual statistical digests are published: "Information on Air Transport and Airlines of Russia", "Transportation via Major Airports of Russia" and "Information on Transportation between City Pairs". The information will be supplied in electronic format.

The charges for information support are established in accordance with effective service chart and price-list.


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