Under CCS Resolution, the SII functionality, enabling authorized entry of data from notification on agency/bonus remuneration set for accredited agencies in terms of sold transportation, has been implemented in accordance with ATSS regulatory and technological documents - SSS 121-2008 and SSS 123-2009.

Thanks to this functionality, duly authorized carrier’s officers can upload data on agent/bonus remuneration via their desktops in compliance with ATSS standards.

This function enables carrier to:

  • Speed-up commercial decisions and notifications within agency community;
  • Reduce labor costs for routine paperwork (preparation, negotiation, search, etc.);
  • Monitor the negotiating process in real time mode;
  • Minimize errors occurring at data upload/processing stages;
  • Access the documents in strict compliance with delegated rights (edit, read, amend, sign);
  • Record all actions associated with document ("document history").

Recommended web-browsers for this SII function are: Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Connection to "Agent/bonus Remuneration Setting" Functionality

STEP 1: Send Application to TCH.

The form of Application is set forth in the User Manual for Connection to TCH Information System. Persons who are not enterprise CEOs must submit the Power of Attorney for signing authority to TCH. If a user has individual keys generated for document signing within other SII functionalites, it is preferable to use already available keys.

STEP 2: Get credentials and Inter-PRO Client software in accordance with application via e-mail or via your representative’s Power of Attorney at: office 325, 37/12, Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow.

STEP 3: Prepare "Intr-PRO Client" key system for operation in accordance with the Manual, and connect to the functionality through credentials.