Pursuant to the Resolution of the Control Council of Settlement (CCS) of Aviation Enterprises, it was decided to launch the function of the System of Interactive Interchange (SII) of ATSS Participants - 'My Account' (TCH Connect) for authorized entering of the information about agency remuneration (set for accredited agencies for sold transportation) in accordance with ATSS normative and technological regulations.

That function allows authorized officers of a carrier to enter data about agency remuneration in accordance with Standard - SSS (Settlement System Standard) 121-2012.

That function allows carriers to:

  • Increase the speed of taking commercial decisions and communicating these to agency community;
  • Reduce labor efforts for routine paperwork (preparation, approval, search, and etc.);
  • Control approval processes in real time;
  • Minimize errors in entering/processing information;
  • Access documents in a strict accordance with assigned rights (editing, reading, changing, signing);
  • Record all actions on documents (document 'history').

For working in 'My Account', a web-browser is required. We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer, v. 8 or higher, Mozilla FirefoxGoogle Chrome.


If you have questions about how to connect to 'My Account', please contact IT Centre at: +7 (495) 660-19-73, support@tch.ru

If you have questions about setting remuneration, please contact TCH's Agency Control/Reporting, TCH Settlement Centre at: +7 (495) 660-19-82, 660-19-71, ext. 184, 181