Pursuant to the Resolution of the Control Council of Settlement (CCS), it was decided to launch the function (within the System of Interactive Interchange (SII)) that allows a carrier to enter the information about the agency/bonus remuneration (set for accredited agencies for the transportations sold) in accordance with the ATSS normative and technological regulations - SSS (Settlement System Standard) 121-2012.

Thus, the carrier (its authorized officer) may enter the information about the agency/bonus remuneration as this is regulated by the ATSS standards.

Using this function, the carrier may:

  • Take commercial decisions quicker and circulate the same to the agents;
  • Reduce its expenses for routine paperwork (drawing up, approval, search and etc.);
  • Monitor an approval process in real time;
  • Minimize the errors in entering/processing the information;
  • Access the documents in a strict accordance with the delegated rights (edit, read, amend, sign);
  • Create a document history.

To access the Agency Remuneration Setting in My Account (TCH Connect), please use a web-browser. We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer, v. 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.


How to Connect: +7 (495) 660-19-73, support@tch.ru (IT Centre)

How to set remuneration: +7 (495) 660-19-82, 660-19-71, ext. 184, 181 (Agency Control/Reporting, TCH Settlement Centre)