Under Decree № 724 of the Russian Federation Government dated 17.09.1997 carriers independently establish passenger fares.

Fare data becomes effective upon filing the same in due order.

Fare data include

  • passenger fares;
  • fare application rules;
  • free baggage allowance;
  • baggage charges;
  • issuance fees, fuel surcharges, charges for services of Computerized Reservation Systems;
  • routes for through fares.

Carriers will file fare data in STC as prescribed by Attachments 1 – 21 of the Provision on Registration and Publication of Fare Data for Scheduled Passenger Services Operated by Russian Aviation Enterprises, effected by the Order № 10 of the RF Ministry of Transportation dated 11.02.2005 and the Order #90 of the RF Ministry of Transportation dated 04.04.2012.

The system of remote access to TAR-LINE database has been developed with use of web-technologies to enable the encoding of fare data with subsequent uploading in the database, STC maintenance of universal database of fare data of all carriers, automated transmission of fare data to CRSs; scrolling and analysis of current fare information and STC archive of fare data.

The system facilities for control of fare data at the time of its encoding and uploading in the main database provide for higher accuracy and time reduction for fare data uploading in STC database. Customized templates for various encoding patterns of fare data would reduce the workload significantly. A customer operating in the dedicated segment of operational database can simultaneously generate an unlimited number of messages and update their status prior to transmission to STC. This system is aimed at experts/managers of commercial and other departments of carrier responsible for generating, publication and analysis of fare data.

In order to get registration a customer should submit a proper application to TCH STC by fax + 7 (495) 660-34-03 or at e-mail: oss@tch.ru. The following details must be entered in application:

  • Name and method of communication (Fax or e-mail) with the person eligible to handle the list of customers and passwords;
  • ­Domestic/international code to be applied by the system at message generating in the AIRLINE and SOURCE fields (they may be different).

Each customer is assigned an identifier i.e. an individual username and unique password which will be used for online access from the user’s desktop. In order to access the system, the customer must enter his/her identifier to be able to work in "REFERENCE" mode (scrolling of all carriers’ fare data in the main database) or  in "FD UPDATE" mode (generating and filing of fare data).


STC Passenger Fares Department contacts:

Phone: +7 (495) 660-34-06

E-mail: tarif2@tch.ru