The Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) supports sales of ancillary services of the Providers:

Hotel Booking - CITY TRAVEL, LLC

In April 2013, TCH and CITY TRAVEL, a provider ancillary services, signed agreement on sale of ancillary services issued on the ATSS electronic documents. CITY TRAVEL, LLC has its own system (website) designed for reservation of hotel, villa and apartments worldwide - Over 356,000 hotels around the globe, incl. over 5,000 hotels in Russia, are available for reservation.

CITY TRAVEL’s system supports both net prices and prices with commission.

Why City Tr​avel​

  • Handy search of hotels through multiple criteria
  • Convenient functions of "My Account" enabling to get accounting documents in the online mode
  • Flexible commission calculation
  • Settlement via TCH
  • Unlimited access to all CityTravel's services without need to credit a deposit or render financial guarantees
  • An option to create subagent accounts and arrangement of an in-house subagent network to sell hotel services

The settlements for sale of hotel services via are made between the accredited agency and TCH in the framework of unified settlement for ancillaries. Based on e-data, TCH prepares a settlement report for sold ancillaries over the reporting ten-day period for the accredited agency in electronic format and based on a Liability Notification the agency remits monies to TCH. 

To see the Quote, please click here

CITY TRAVEL's booking terms and conditions.

To join City Travel's project, please file an application for registration (description) to TCH:


   CityTravel's video tutorials

How to search a hotel



Hotel Info



How to select a hotel room 



Aeroexpress Tickets – Aeroexpress, LLC

The ATSS supports the sale of Aeroexpress train tickets in terminal of GDS Sirena-Travel issued on ATSS e-documents. The system is accessed by clicking the 'Aeroexpress' button on the toolbar of Sirena-Travel's terminal.

To connect/disconnect to sales of Aeroexpress train tickets, please, file an application via My Account (Ancillary Services Sale Connection/Disconnection Application Form for Agencies).

"Aeroexpress Tickets Issuance in Neutral Session Manual" for ticketing agents is available on Sirena-Travel's website:

Settlement of Aeroexpress tickets (documents) sales are made between accredited agencies and TCH as regulated by Model Agreement. Based on electronic data, TCH communicates to accredited agency an electronic exchange file and settlement report for sold ancillaries over a reporting ten-day period; the amounts of sold ancillaries are included into Liabilities Notification under Model Agreement.


  • Settlement of sales are made between accredited agencies and TCH in the framework of unified settlement for ancillaries
  • Air and Aeroexpress services are booked and issued both in one terminal of GDS Sirena-Travel
  • No additional authorization is required (no additional logins and passwords)
  • More options of additional services and extra income

Bus services (Fly&Bus) - United Transport Directorate, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization (UTD, ANO) (2020 season is over)

The ATSS supports sale of bus services to/from Sochi airport to the resort towns of Abkhazia operated by ANO "United Transport Directorate" (code Э2, accounting code 45K) as a part of FLY&BUS Project.

GDS Sirena-Travel allows to book ready connections from:

  • The airport of Anapa to: Yalta, Feodocia, Sudak, Alushta and return;
  • The airport of Sochi to: Gagra, Pitsunda, Gudauta, Novy Afon, Sukhum and return.

Ticket sale/issuance rules, bus tickets sale rules, and Pick-Up and Drop-Off plans are posted to ISTOK (information system) on the provider's page (code Э2).

Settlement of sold bus services is made between accredited agency and TCH as regulated by Model Agreement. 

FLYBUSTEAM Bus Services – Gorbunov Vladislav Vladimirovich, Individual Entrepreneur

In developing the ATSS intermodal transportations, we have opened the sale of bus services to/from the airports of the Moscow hub to the towns of Moscow Oblast and the neighboring regions on comfortable buses of FLYBUSTEAM (code ГЭ, accounting code 53К).

CRS Sirena Travel enables to book a ready connection (airplane + bus) to/from departure airports from/to final point in the cities and towns of the route network of FLYBUSTEAM: Saint-Petersburg, Tver, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Tutaev, Rostov, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Dzerzhinsk, Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo), Gorno-Altaisk, Barnaul and Belokurikha, flights are also operated from Sochi, Anapa, Krasnodar, Gelenjik and Feodocia.

The rules for sale of bus services and pickup/drop-off points are published in ISTOK on the provider's page (code ГЭ).

Settlement of bus services sale is made between accredited agency and TCH as regulated by Model Agreement.


The new Insurance service will enable travel agents to offer insurance policies to their clients under various insurance plans of such companies as Renaissance Insurance Group, JSC, Ingosstrakh, IPJSC, VTB Insurance, Limited and other.

Insurance companies offer a broad range of insurance packages including protection against accidents, baggage loss, changes to flight times, disruption of connections both due to carrier's or passenger's fault for all modes of transport, and medical coverage for travelers abroad.

The ATSS supports sale of insurance policies to air and rail passenger carriages issued in terminal of GDS Sirena-Travel.

The sale of insurance policies will be open for all POSs and every ticketing agent of your Agency with no need to apply separately.

The line of insurance products for air and other passengers is to be extended soon!

Settlements for sale of insurance policies are made between accredited agency and TCH as regulated by Model Agreement.