The Air Transport Settlement System (ATSS) applies a centralized system of payment for air transportation by payment (bank) cards.

This technology is a multi-purpose system and may be used, inter alia, to arrange payment for ancillary services supplied by providers.

Key features

TCH arranges payment for providers' services by payment (bank) cards in the accredited agency network (including IPOSs). For this purpose, TCH provides all necessary payment tools and documents, ensures and controls the compliance with the rules for card acceptance in the agency network.

TCH ensures settlement between providers and payment systems for sales by payment (bank) cards in the agency network. Providers does not need to sign additional agreements with acquirers, entire settlement is made via a TCH's account according to the terms and conditions set by an agreement with TCH.

TCH guarantees that providers receive the revenue for sales paid by payment (bank) cards in full irrespective of complaints received from cardholders, including Internet fraud related claims. TCH handles all claims from cardholders.

When a client cancels a service paid by a payment (bank) card, TCH undertakes to arrange a refund.

Providers do not need to pay a security deposit to TCH for the arrangement of sales by payment (bank) cards.


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