​ATSS employs a centralized system for air transportation payment against bank cards.

This technology is of universal nature and can be applied, inter alia, for the payment for ancillary services supplied by the industry providers.

Basic technology features

TCH enables payment for provider services via accredited agency network (including Internet points of sale) against bank cards. Therewith, TCH will supply necessary payment tools, ensure and control the compliance with card maintenance rules in the agency network.

TCH will support providers’ financial settlement with payment systems as required for card sales in the agency network. Providers are not required to sign special agreements with acquirers; all settlement will be performed via TCH account in accordance with the terms stipulated by the agreement with TCH.

TCH guarantees providers a 100% revenue remittance in terms of bank cards irrespective of claims on the part of card holders including those associated with fraudulent activities in the Internet. TCH will assume all claim-handling work as regards card holders.

Moreover, TCH will arrange refunds in terms of bank cards when a customer refuses a service.

TCH will not require a financial guarantee from the provider to arrange bank card sales.


Your questions concerning transportation payment against bank cards are welcome at TCH Plastic Cards Department.

Head of Department – Alexander Golovkin, phone: +7 (495) 660-19-77, E-mail: golovkin@tch.ru
Deputy Head of Department – Nikolai Pogorelov, phone: +7 (495) 660-19-77, E-mail: pogorelov@tch.ru