2016 - migration from paper to electronic document flow on the basis of TCH Connect.

TCH offered payment solutions for IPOS enabling to accept payment (bank) cards and to connect partners involved in cash acceptance.

100% issuance of passenger transportation on ATSS e-tickets.

The new revision of Attachment A to IATA Recommended Practice 1720a came into force with abbreviation ‘ATSS’ proposed by TCH.

The stock of traffic documents with the range of serial numbers starting with code 61 was officially assigned to ATSS as international standard.

The system of on-line fare data registration TAR-LINE was improved and released in English.
TCH started testing ‘Refund Application’ project. The aim of this project is to support interaction between ATSS participants when dealing with involuntary ticket refund.

VII General Election Conference of ATSS Participants was held to sum up the results of CCS work over 2013-2016 years and set key vectors of ATSS development for the upcoming period. The Conference approved the new revision of “Provision of Air Transport Settlement System” and changes in CCS membership.

TCH continued its corporate rebranding started in 2015, including new logo, new slogan “Capitalize Your Business on Our Opportunities”, new interactive site - ATSS information portal, creation and start-up of TCH information digest - ATSS Monitor. ATSS Monitor started cooperation with Civil Aviation magazine for mutual benefit of both sides.

TCH held a large-scale industry event TCH Forum to introduce its new products and technological solutions oriented at business-partners.

TCH and ‘Airport’ Association entered into the General Agreement for Cooperation.

TCH became a full member of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

In the framework of strategic cooperation with the Saint-Petersburg State University for Civil Aviation the scientific digest “Vestnik of Saint-Petersburg State University for Civil Aviation” (2016 #1(10) dedicated to ATSS was issued with the participation of TCH experts.

2015 – Due to changes to RF laws, Transport Clearing House, JSC was reorganized to TCH, Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC).
In 2015 TCH intensified its efforts to develop and introduce new products and services targeted at industry progress and streamlining of communication among its participants. Thus, for example, the Settlement System participants were offered a new settlement and reporting technology that significantly simplified reporting procedures for accredited agencies and reduced timeframes of revenue settlement for ATSS participating airlines. TCH System of Interactive Reporting was upgraded so as to enter Reason for Memo Issuance Code (RMIC). The carrier can use RMIC for systematization and analysis of processed ACM data in own accounting system. In accordance with international requirements to traffic document issuance the Settlement System implemented an upgrade enabling to show ticket number in CCS-TCH Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD). TCH launched new edition of Information System "Statistika" into commercial operation developed to enhance quality of statistical reporting and reduce timeframes of delivery of such reporting and unbiased and detailed analytical data to state administrative authorities, air transport enterprises and organizations. TCH experts were developing a universal system for payments using bank cards and other e-payment tools -TCH Payment. Moreover, in 2015, TCH started updating the System of Interactive Interchange which was renamed into TCH Connect in the vein of TCH rebranding, and was targeted to enable airlines, agencies, providers and TCH partners to interact with TCH systems and access TCH databases.

TCH took and active and important part in framing and implementation of state, regional and international programs of RF air transport development and became a full member of the Russian Association of Air Transport Operators.

In terms of boosting cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) a meeting of IATA representatives and TCH senior management was held to discuss technology and information exchange between TCH and IATA. TCH took part the Joint A4A/IATA Ticketing Committee (TKTcom) that proposed editorial amendments for CCS-TCH stock (Form Code 610-619) in the new version of Recommended Practice RP 1720a and Resolution A4A 20.04 keeping the double abbreviation for CCS-TCH stock as ATSS-TCH. TCH representatives were chosen as members of the Form Codes Working Sub-Group. As a result of negotiations on Forms Codes between IATA, ARC and TCH, it was resolved to reassign Form Codes 611, 613, 617 and 619, which were allocated to TCH back in 1994. Besides, it was proposed to retain these three-digit codes for CCS-TCH traffic documents as "TCH property", and in June 2017, assign codes 611, 613 and 617 to ET – for ATSS-TCH agencies and Code 619 – to EMD for ATSS-TCH agencies. Significantly, all-round cooperation between TCH and IATA is aimed at benefits of ATSS participating airlines and agency environment to ensure compliance with global standards and regulations as well as networking and skill sharing.

2014 – To simplify and streamline communication among ATSS participants, System of Interactive Interchange (SII) was developed and commissioned in ATSS to enable claim handling for ATSS agencies through standard administrative ADM/ACM forms. ATSS developed management system for accredited agency deposits, Electronic Document Management (EDM) system as per agency remuneration invoices, and arranged for migration to new reporting system. TCH Information System (IS) was upgraded including software & hardware facility, and ISTOK 2 system was launched into commercial operation. In compliance with regulations and guidelines of the special competent authority for civil aviation TCH collects and processes state statistical reporting and supports statistics database on airlines, airports and civil aviation organizations of Russia. In this connection, in 2014 TCH experts designed and implemented “Analitika”, a subsystem of computerized system “Statistika”. In parallel TCH developed normative regulations, training programs and standards, regulating ATSS activities and communication between ATSS participants.

2013 – the 6th  Conference of Settlement System participants was held to summarize the 20-year period of ATSS operation. A revised «Provision on ATSS» was approved featuring a ranking tool to set-up CCS Carrier & Agency Committees. Fundamental vectors for Settlement System development across the forthcoming period  were agreed including 100% migration to e-ticketing technologies for passenger travel and 100% agency e-reporting to TCH; broadband implementation of claims handling technologies through ADM/ACM in the framework of System of Interactive Interchange (SII); expansion of EMD technologies for the comprehensive range of services and forms of payment, etc. The Conference supported nomination of the «Information Technology Complex of Air Transport Settlement System» scientific paper for the Russian Government prize in the field of science and technology.

2012 – Implementation of hotel sales via online-service of reservation Oktogo.ru; new settlement reporting standards including information pertaining to processed ADM/ACM of carriers and agencies were introduced; TCH amendments to IATA Recommended Practice 1720а with new table of codes for CCS-TCH traffic documents (form codes 610 - 619), including EMD, were approved by the Joint АТА/IATA Conference and took effect. E-ticketing reached 96,4% of the total volume of sales issued on CCS-TCH STDs. TCH was awarded National aviation prize «Wings of Russia».

2011 – Сertification of GDS Sabre and Amadeus ticketing systems is fulfilled, initiated selling of air services via above mentioned GDSs on CCS-TCH electronic tickets; implemented sales of scheduled bus operations, reservation and sales of train transportation for AEROEXPRESS in neutral session via АDS «Sirena-Travel»; jubilee conference of participants with long service record and members of ATSS was held in Jurmala devoted to the 20-th anniversary of ATSS startup.

2010 - The 5th Conference of Settlement System Participants was held to elect new CCS membership. An option for agency service charges issuance by virtue of CCS-TCH EMD was realized; project for Internet air services payment by credit cards under 3D-Secure technology for secure e-commerce was introduced. Issuance of EMD covering carrier charges for voluntary rerouting or cancellation enabled. Project for electronic data interchange between ATSS participants implemented.

2009 – E-ticketing system of GDS Galileo certified with ATSS. Technologies allowing airlines to generate net fares and establish bonus remuneration introduced. Technologies enabling airlines to generate net-fares and charge bonuses were implemented. Project for passenger services payment by credit cards via ATSS accredited Internet points of sales (agency websites) was launched into operation.

2008 – Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) implemented. ATSS accredits Automated Distribution and Reservation System for tourist (airport, hospitality, etc.) and other ancillary services – CRTS Sputnik. Electronic Interactive Agency Reporting System based on Automated and Electronic Ticketing System implemented.

2007 – Multicurrency project implemented: ATSS ensured usage of three currencies for sales, reporting and settlement purposes, namely RF Ruble, US Dollar and EU Euro. Together with Russian Railways, JSC ATSS developed and implemented System for Reservation and Sales of Passenger Rail Services performed by ATSS accredited agencies on TCH electronic traffic documents (MCO).

2006 – TCH ETC/ATC established. The E-Ticketing System implemented. The 4th Conference of Settlement System Participants held to elect new CCS membership.

2005 - The system of on-line training of accredited agencies staff (including testing and certification) for operation under ATSS programs developed and implemented. The system of accreditation of training centres implemented. Development of software for ATSS Electronic and Automated Ticketing Centres (ETC/ATC) started.

2004 - The System of Settlement for tourist services implemented.

2003 – First agreements between TCH and foreign (non-CIS) carriers signed. The 3rd Conference of Settlement System Participants held to elect new CCS membership.

2002 – Commencement of transition to international technologies and standards. Sirena-Travel, Aviation Distribution and Reservation System accredited with ATSS.

2001 – Full and timely remittance of revenues to airlines irrespective of accredited agencies’ solvency achieved.

2000 – The 2nd Conference of Settlement System Participants held to elect new CCS membership.

1999 – Schedule & Tariffs Centre (STC) withdrawn from Glavagentstvo GA and incorporated into TCH as instructed by Federal Aviation Administration of Russia. Launching of transportation sales against payment (bank) cards issued on TCH stock and centralized settlement via TCH.              

1998 – The Settlement System survived economic recession and default of Russian banking system: agency indebtedness amounted to mere 0,02% of total revenue value processed via TCH.

1997 – The 1st Conference of Settlement System Participants held to elect new CCS membership.

1996 – Large scale substitution of USSR Ministry of Civil Aviation traffic documents by neutral TCH ticket forms. Full control over revenue flows through the collective account. The automated industry system Statistika implemented under agreement between TCH and the Department of Air Transport with the RF Ministry of Transport.

1995 – CHA is transformed into Transport Clearing House (TCH) founded by 24 major carriers of Russia and CIS countries.

1994 - Clearing House of Airlines (CHA) founded.

1993 – Control Council of Settlement (CCS), CCS Presidium, CCS Agency and Carrier Committees established.

1992 – Directive #ДВ-69/и “On Organization of Settlement System Operation” of the Department of Air Transport (DAT) of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation issued November 20, 1992. General Agreement on Organization and Implementation of Settlement Operations for Scheduled Flights between Participants of Air Transport Process signed.

1991 – The concept of transition to direct revenue settlement between carriers and agencies approved by the aviation community.