2018 – Transport Clearing House, PJSC transforms into Joint Stock Company (JSC) TCH. Transport Clearing House, JSC joins to the IATA Strategic Partnerships program and becomes an IATA Strategic Partner.
TCH introduce its new corporate style, as a part of the rebranding process. TCH expands its line of passenger services thanks to integration of rail and ancillaries content on the ATSS stock. Web-system Klever (B2B) is launched for air, rail, and ancillary services issuance in one terminal (on one screen). The 'Refund Application' function is put into commercial operation.

2017  100% issuance of passenger transportation on ATSS e-tickets. The ATSS stock (IATA) was registered and authorised for the use in NDC project in ticketing. TCH launched the 'Supporting Documents' function in electronic document flow related to subsidised transportations, carriage of veterans, and sales of transportation on credit. The new revision of the ATSS Agency Accreditation Rules was put into effect; a new form of ATSS Agency Accreditation Certificates appeared. Start of sale of intermodal services (airplane + bus) under Fly&Bus project. Launching of multi-segment EMD ATSS technology for carriers' ancillary services. Based on the EMD ATSS technology, the sale of BSP Russia air tickets was opened in one system (AVIA+). The new revision of the Information System "Aircraft Ground Handling Airport Fees/Tariffs Rates at the Airports of the Russian Federation".

2016 – Migration from paper to electronic document flow based on TCH Connect. The new revision of Attachment A to IATA Recommended Practice 1720a came into force with abbreviation 'ATSS'. The stock of traffic documents with the range of serial numbers starting with code 61 was officially assigned to the ATSS as an international standard. The system of on-line fare data registration TAR-LINE was upgraded and released in English. VII ATSS Participants' Conference was held to sum up the results of the Control Council of Settlement (CCS) operations in 2013-2016 and set the main directions of the ATSS development for the future. The Conference adopted the new revision of the Provision on the Air Transport Settlement System and changes in the CCS's composition.

2015 – Closed Joint Stock Company Transport Clearing House transforms into Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC) TCH. TCH representatives participate in the Working Subgroup for Traffic Documents Form Codes of the International Air Transport Settlement System (IATA). TCH became a member of the Non-Commercial Organization Russian Association of Air Transport Operators (AEVT). The System of Interactive Interchange renamed TCH Connect.

2014 – The System of Interactive Interchange (SII) was introduced to enable claim handling for ATSS agencies using international standard ADM/ACM forms. The Accredited Agency Deposit Management System, Electronic Document Management (EDM) related to agency remuneration invoices were implemented, and the preparations for the migration to a new reporting system were made. TCH Information System (IS), including software & hardware, was upgraded, and ISTOK 2 - put into commercial operation. The 'Analytics' function was added to the automated system 'Statistics' for collecting and processing a state statistical reporting and keeping statistics database on airlines, airports, and Russian civil aviation organizations. 

2013 – VI ATSS Participants' Conference was held to sum up the 20-year period of the ATSS operations. A new revision of the Provision on the Air Transport Settlement System was approved featuring a ranking tool for forming CCS Carrier & Agency Committees. Main vectors for the Settlement System development for the forthcoming period were adopted including 100% migration to e-ticketing of passenger carriages and 100% electronic reporting of agency to TCH; wide-spread deployment of claims handling using ADM/ACM in the System of Interactive Interchange (SII); expansion of EMD technologies for all types of services and forms of payment.

2012 – New Settlement Reporting Standards were introduced, which include information on processed carriers' and agents' claims (ADM/ACM); TCH's proposals to make changes to IATA Recommended Practice RP1720a with a new code table for CCS-TCH traffic documents (form codes 610 - 619), including electronic miscellaneous documents (EMD) were approved by ATA/IATA Conference and brought into effect. Electronic ticket sales reached 96.4% of the total sales on CCS-TCH STD. TCH won the Wings of Russia award.

2011 – GDS Sabre and Amadeus, the ticketing systems, were certified, and the sale of air services via above GDSs on CCS-TCH electronic tickets was commenced; issuance of AEROEXPRESS tickets in neutral session via АDS Sirena-Travel was enabled.

2010 – V Participants' Conference was held to elect new members of the CCS. An option to issue agent service fees on CCS-TCH EMD was realized; project for payment of air services by credit cards on the Internet using secure e-commerce (3D-Secure technology) was implemented. Issuance of EMD for carrier fees at voluntary rerouting or cancellations was enabled. Project for electronic interchange between ATSS participants was implemented.

2009 – E-ticketing system of GDS Galileo was certified in the ATSS. Technologies allowing airlines to generate net fares and establish bonus remuneration were introduced. The project for payment of passenger services by credit cards in the network of the ATSS accredited Internet points of sales (agency's website(s)) was launched into operation.

2008 – Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) was introduced. The Electronic Interactive Agency Reporting System based on an automated and electronic ticketing system was implemented.

2007 – Introduction of the "Multicurrency" project: the ATSS enables to use three currencies for sale, reporting and settlement – RUB, USD, and EURO. Together with Russian Railways, JSC the ATSS developed and implemented the Passenger Rail Services Sale System by ATSS accredited agencies using CCS-TCH electronic Miscellaneous Charges Orders (MCO).

2006 – TCH's Electronic Ticketing Center/ Automated Ticketing Centre (ETC/ATC) were established. The E-Ticketing System was implemented. IV ATSS Participants' Conference was held to elect new members of the Control Council of Settlement (CCS).

2005 – The system of online training of accredited agencies personnel (including testing and certification) for operation under ATSS programs was developed and implemented. The system of accreditation of training centers was implemented. Development of a software for the ATSS Electronic and Automated Ticketing Centers (ETC/ATC) was started.

2004 – The System of Settlement for touristic services was implemented.

2003 – First agreements between TCH and foreign (non-CIS) carriers were signed. III Participants' Conference was held to elect new members of the Control Council of Settlement (CCS).

2002 – A transition to international technologies and standards was commenced. Sirena-Travel, the domestic aviation distribution and reservation system, was certified in the ATSS.

2001 – Full and timely remittance of airline revenue irrespective of default of the agencies accredited with the ATSS.

2000 – II Participants' Conference was held to elect new members of the Control Council of Settlement (CCS).

1999 – The Schedule & Tariffs Centre (STC) was transferred from Glavagentstvo GA and to CJSC TCH by order of the Federal Aviation Administration of Russia. Launching of transportation sales against bank cards on TCH ticket forms in case of centralized settlement for such payments through TCH.

1998 – The Settlement System survived economic recession and default of Russian banking system: agency indebtedness amounted to only 0.02% of total revenue processed via TCH.

1997 – The 1st Participants' Conference was held to elect new members of the Control Council of Settlement (CCS).

1996 – Wide-spread replacement of USSR Ministry of Civil Aviation ticket forms with TCH neutral ticket forms. Achieved a full control over revenue flows through a "collective" account. The automated industry system Statistika was implemented under agreement between TCH and the Department of Air Transport with the RF Ministry of Transport.

1995 – CHA transforms into the Transport Clearing House (TCH) founded by 24 largest carriers of Russia and CIS countries.

1994 – The Clearing House of Airlines (CHA) was founded.

1993 – The Control Council of Settlement of Airlines (CCS), CCS Presidium, CCS Agency and Carrier Committees were established.

1992 – Directive #ДВ-69/и "On Organization of Settlement System Operation" of the Department of Air Transport (DAT) of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation issued November 20, 1992. A General Agreement on Organization and Implementation of Settlement Operations for Scheduled Flights between participants of air transport process was signed.

1991 – The concept of transition to direct revenue settlement between airlines and agencies was approved by aviation community.