Oleg Trufanov joined TCH, JSC in May 2015. 

Today he holds the position of Vice President - Director of Schedule & Tariffs Centre.

In 1977, he graduated from Ordzhonikidze Moscow Institute of Management (Economics and Organization of Transport Management).

He has been with civil aviation since 1979.
Mr. Trufanov has occupied the positions of Chief Economist at CA Plant #402, Head of Planning and Economic Department of the “Aviaremont” association with the USSR Ministry of Civil Aviation, Deputy Head of Main Economics Administration of the USSR Ministry of Civil Aviation, Head of the  Transport Department, Deputy Director of Air Transport Department of the RF Ministry of Transportation, Head of Transportation and Services Regulation Department, Head of Economics Administration of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, Deputy Director of Department of State Civil Aviation Policy with the RF Ministry of Transportation.

He was awarded the class ranking of "Full State Counsellor 3rd Class of the Russian Federation" by the RF Presidential Decree of January 21, 2019 No.84.

For professional excellence, Mr. Trufanov was awarded as “Aeroflot Expert”, “Merited Civil Aviation Expert”, “Russian Transport Honored Officer”, “Recognized Officer of Border Services” and other industry merits.