​In pursuance of licenses issued by authorized licensing agency, Schedule and Tariffs Centre from time to time updates the Central database of flights timetable and slots. The database includes slots for flights operated via airports of the Russian Federation and flight parameters ensuring fulfilment of carriers‘ obligations undertaken in pursuance with contracts of passenger air carriage or contracts of cargo (mail) carriage. Moreover, if other CIS airlines so require, data of flight parameters for their timetable may be included into the Central database of flights timetable and slot.

Update of flight parameters is communicated to customers, i.e. carriers, airports, civil aviation agencies and local departments of the RF Ministry of Transportation.

While developing flight timetables STC will:

  • supervise license consistency regarding the right to operate scheduled flights;
  • ensure control over parameters of agreed slots at airports on the flight route;
  •  check flights observance of airport working conditions and norms of airport capacity;
  • coordinate flights of various carriers, considering required resources and satisfaction of commercial conditions for flight operation;
  • estimate material resources essential for planned flights.

Formalized messages to be placed and updated in STC database can be generated online. Messages are generated under automated template.

Formalized slots request messages are also generated online.

If the authorized agency of the Civil Aviation, CCS, TCH or carriers so prescribe, STC provides optional services in the framework of available timetable database.

  • Under Resolution # АЮ-228-1Р of Federal Air Transportation Agency dated 10.09.2005, STC makes up charts of aircraft turnover for international non-scheduled (charter) flights. 
  • In case of flights operated by carriers participating in “M1” Agreement, routes of passenger services are arranged with transfer points. For the purpose of arrangement of transportation sales, exchange file is transmitted to Sirena-Travel, JSC daily. 
  • Under carriers’ mandate, the timetable data in the format set out in Chapter 7 of SSIM (IATA) is transmitted by STC to companies involved in the collection and distribution of Worldwide Timetable i.e. OAG, INNOVATA and Golden Ware so as to represent domestic flights at international market via GDSs and World timetable services both in printed and e-versions.

STC contacts details: 
Phone: +7 (495) 660-34-05 
E-mail: rds0@tch.ru

Website of the Central database of flights timetable and slots: http://cstweb2.tch.ru:8080/cbrs/