In accordance with the licenses granted by a licensing agency, the Schedule and Tariffs Centre (STC) makes updates to the Central Bank of Schedule and Slots (CBSS). The Bank includes the slots of the flights operated via airports of the Russian Federation and the parameters of the flights, which ensure the fulfilment of airlines' obligations under contracts of air carriage of passengers or contracts of air carriage of cargo (mail). In addition, if the airlines of other CIS-countries wish to, the information about the parameters of the flights of their schedules may be included into the Central Bank of Schedule and Slots.

Updates on flight parameters is communicated to customers: carriers, airports, air transport agencies, local offices of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

In the process of the development of flight schedules, STC ensures:

  • control over the parameters of licenses for the right to operate scheduled flights;
  • control over the parameters of agreed slots at airports on the route of a flight;
  • control that a flight meets airport working conditions and the norms of airport capacities;
  • coordinate the flights of multiple carriers taking into account required resources necessary for thier operation and taking into account the observance of the commercial conditions of the operation of flights;
  • estimate material resources necessary for the operation of planned flights.

The online mode of the creation of formalized messages for the placement and adjustment of flights in the STC database is provided.

Messages are created in accordance with an automated template.

The online mode of the creation of formalized messages concerning a request of slots is provided.

By using the existing bank of data on flight schedules, STC performs additional functions under a resolution of the authorized authority in the sphere of Civil Aviation, CCS, TCH, and airlines:

  • Under Resolution No.АЮ-228-1Р of the Federal Air Transport Agency of 10.09.2005, STC makes up charts of aircraft turnover for international non-scheduled (charter) flights.
  • In case of the flights operated by air carriers-participants of the "M1" Agreement, TCH builds up the routes of a carriage of passengers with stopovers in transfer points. For the purposes of the arrangement of transportation sales, the Exchange File is forwarded to Sirena-Travel, JSC on a daily basis.
  • Upon carriers' instructions, the data about schedules in the format as set out in Chapter 7 of IATA Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) is transmitted by STC to the companies engaged in the collection and distribution of a global schedule, such as: OAG, INNOVATA, and Golden Ware. It allows to bring domestic flights on the international market via Global Distribution Systems, global informational printed and electronic publications about schedules.


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